Tell Us About Your Drink Preferences and We'll Guess Your Favorite Season

By: Zoe Samuel
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It's always five o'clock somewhere! When it comes to your favorite drinks, you might prefer teas, sodas, wines or liquors. What you might not realize is that your favorite drinks might be a reflection of your favorite season! From mint to pumpkin, tell us about your drink preferences and we'll guess your favorite season!

Everyone always says to "dress for the season," but are you drinking for the season, too? Throughout these four different times of the year, you might realize that your favorite drinks follow a particular pattern because popular flavors come and go as the temperature changes. It might be hard to notice within your house, but if you frequent coffee shops and happy hours, you'd definitely realize.

The spring season is definitely fresh so you'll find mint in a lot of the drinks. You might prefer mint juleps and mojitos. The summer is time for fruit, so you'll see an abundance of pineapple juices or cocktails like the classic, Pina Colada or Bay Breeze. In the fall, stores like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks get you ready with pumpkin spice everything! Once the winter comes around, the mint of spring becomes peppermint! 

Which of these categories do you fall into? Do you prefer mint leaves floating around your drink, or do you need that distinctive taste of a pumpkin spice latte? Tell us your drink preferences and we'll take a guess at your favorite season!

Bottoms up!

Are you in the mood for a beer?

What time is Pimms o'clock?

How fruity do you like it?

How caloric is good?

Anyone for pumpkin?

How do you buy wine?

Where do you buy wine?

What's the longest you can go without a drink?

How drunk is the right amount?

Do you drink for the taste or the tipsy?

Are you a sophisticated drinker?

Do you like hot spiced rum?

Do you like your coffee iced or regular?

How do you like your cider?

Do you think a few chopped fruits in the glass can take your drink up a level?

Do you want a drink with a mixer?

How complex a flavor suits you?

Do you want to mix it up from drink to drink?

Do you worry about how unpleasant you will be to kiss with your boozy breath?

Do you mind a hangover?

What's your position on nog?

How do you feel about white wine spritzer?

What about rosé?

Do you want a nice cup of tea?

Do you want something with a little umbrella in it?

Do you plan to drink with others?

What shape glass is your drink in?

Do you love a nice sturdy mug?

Where do you plan to drink?

What time of day is for drinking?

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