Tell Us About Your Dog and We'll Guess Which Truck You Own

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

There is only one thing cooler than a dog, and that is a dog that is riding in a truck. If you own a truck, you are probably a pretty down to earth person, someone that is hardworking, loyal and easy to get along with. No wonder you like dogs!  We are sure that your dog is the coolest one in the whole world, other than ours obviously.

The thing is though, while a good dog (and all of them are good when it comes right down to it) is going to like any old truck that you put them in, some trucks go better with different types of dogs. Just as it is hard to imagine a chihuahua cruising around in a big old Ford F-150 work truck with tools all over the floor, it is also hard to imagine a 200 pound Great Dane riding in a Toyota Tacoma with its head out the window. Of course, if you have a yellow lab, they could probably look good in pretty much any truck; they should give one of them away when you buy a truck at the dealership.  Take this quiz and see if we can guess what truck you own. Good boy.

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