Tell Us About Your Car Preferences and We'll Tell You Which Decade You Should Be Driving In!

By Teresa M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you prefer to zip around in a car that only has two seats, or do you prefer rolling down the road in a van that seats a whole family? The number of car preferences you can make are seemingly endless! By telling us about the things you love and don't love in a vehicle, we'll be able to nail down the decade you should really be driving in! 

Driving has changed a lot throughout the ages. Not only have cars become safer, faster, and more efficient, but the rules of the road have also changed. Back when some of us were kids, there were no seatbelts, no airbags, and not much in the way of crumple zones. It even used to be acceptable to hang on in the back of the station wagon while your dad drove you to summer camp. We're pretty sure that learning about the things that you desire in a vehicle will tell us if you should be driving back in those freer years or if you are driving down the highway during the perfect era for you! 

Tell us all about your car preferences, and we'll tell you if you should be driving back before airbags existed! Let's find out!

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