Tell Us What's in Your Locker and We'll Guess Which Sport You Played in High School!

By: Teresa M.
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You can tell a lot about someone by what they keep in their private spaces! Let us guess which high school sport you played by telling us what you kept in your locker!

What was your favorite subject in high school?

Which playing surface sounds most appealing to you?

How do you celebrate the Super Bowl?

What kind of pictures did you have in your locker?

What secret item might you have kept in your locker?

Which hair product would you have kept in your locker?

Did you hide snacks in your locker?

Where in your locker did you keep your text books?

Did you have a mirror in your locker?

What do you store at work that you used to store in your locker?

Which special piece of equipment did your high school sport require?

What was your favorite game during high school gym?

Do you keep in touch with your high school teammates?

Which sport did you like the least in high school?

Which Olympic city would you most like to visit?

Which legendary athlete would you like to meet?

Did you keep an extra of any of these clothing items in your locker?

Where did you keep your backpack during school hours?

Which word sums up your high school prom date?

How did you decorate your locker?

Did you attend a lot of after game parties in high school?

Did you ever get caught doing something sneaky in high school?

Did you keep anything that would have gotten you in trouble in your locker?

Which championship event interests you the most?

Which title best describes your athletic level now?

What was your high school crowning achievement?

Would you like to play an alumni versus students game?

How did you keep your locker secure?

What kind of notebooks did you keep in your lockers?

Would you like to go back to high school?

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