Tell Us What's Important to You and We'll Guess What Your First Job Was

By Teresa M. on February 05, 2018

About This Quiz

All the small things we do in life add up to making us who we are! Every person you’ve met, every experience you’ve had, and every job you’ve held has left a trail of influence in your life. While we may not fully realize how these things have shaped us, they have helped to form the things we find important.

Whether your first job was working with the public or hiding away in a broom closet taking inventory, it helped to lay the foundation for some of your current personality traits. Think about it! If you were a grocery store cashier, you learned how to multitask and how to interact with other people pleasantly. If you were a receptionist, you learned how to be welcoming and professional. We absorbed more from our early life experience that we realize.

Judging by the things you consider important in your everyday life, we’ll be able to reach inside your psyche and take an educated guess about the position you held at your first job. All of those things you learned will bubble to the surface during the questions. Then, you get to decide if we are right, or if we are wrong!

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