Tell Us How You'd Spend a Million Dollars and We'll Guess Your Age

By: Isadora Teich
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Almost everyone has dreams of what they would do with a million dollars, whether it's picking up and moving to a new country or buying their dream car with all of the latest state of the art bells and whistles. The rich are famous for their over the top purchases. Would you be like Nicolas Cage, who was known to have multiple castles and rumored to have a menagerie of exotic animals? Or would you be a stock market player? Or would you start a business entirely of your own? A million dollars can go a long way. What would you do with it? Are you ready for the ultimate shopping spree or ready to put it all away and grow your fortune?  

Tell us what you would do with a big chunk of money, and will try to guess exactly how old you are! Would you become a world traveler who lives in a new city every week, or would you build your dream home on your own private island? Based on your big plans for a million dollars, can we guess whether you are in fact a Baby Boomer, a Gen Z-er, or somewhere in between? Let's find out! 

Where would you rather live?

What would you do with your million first?

When it comes to flashy luxury items, which would be the biggest weakness of yours?

Would you want to have any exotic animals as pets?

At which fast food restaurant would you spend the most of your fortune?

Even though you have a million, would you keep working?

Which do you prioritize most?

In your fabulous dream home, which is a necessity?

Would you give any money to charity?

What chunk of your money would go toward luxury cars?

Where would you take a last minute trip to?

Of these, which would you rather do to unwind?

How important is it to you to upgrade your makeup, skincare, and/or personal care?

Would you use any of your million to help out people close to you?

What would you rather invest in?

Which totally ridiculous expensive item would you have to have?

Of these things, which would you be unlikely to ever buy, regardless of how much money you had?

You can keep a second residence in any one of these super expensive global cities. Which do you choose?

Does spending a year traveling appeal to you?

Would you want to spend any of your money on your family or on starting one?

What would you be most likely to build a collection of?

How important is it to you to save your money?

If you decided to build your own home, where would you want it to be built?

Which of these would you rather have?

How much online shopping are you going to do?

Which home appeals to you most?

What kind of jewelry would you be most likely to purchase?

Do you need your own boat?

Are you a foodie who would love to eat at the world's best restaurants?

Would you want to take any classes with your money?

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