Tell Us How You Drive and We'll Tell You What Kind of Cars You Should Race!

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

When you roar down the road of life, how do you do it? Are you among the most cautious of careful drivers, or do you believe in keeping the gas pedal on the floor? Your driving habits will tell us what kind of cars you should start racing. Are you cut out for NASCAR, or is there another kind of car out there that would pacify your need for speed? 

Does it make you angry when people fail to signal in front of you, or do let it roll off your back and pretend not to notice? The way you handle yourself behind the wheel says a lot about your personality, and it says what race car matches your driving personality. You might be able to handle something with a little more speed, or you might enjoy the nostalgia of an old roadster. Once we figure out what kind of king or queen of the road you are, we'll share our best match with you. 

Whether it's chowing down, checking your texts (illegally), or simply yelling at the other drivers, the things you do behind the wheel will tell us how fast you can handle life. Let's get on the road!

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