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Watching movies is a hobby that most people enjoy, and one of the best ways to spend time with friends is by going to your local movie theater. But the whole experience is not just about the movie itself; it's also about the snacks and drinks as well! From popcorn and pretzels to candy and soda, there are a wide variety of foods to choose from when going to the movies!

Now you might be wondering about the correlation between your age and your taste in movie theater snacks. As a person ages, their palate may become less picky and more refined, which opens up their taste buds to new types of flavors. And speaking of flavors, are you familiar with the five basic tastes? They are as follows: salty, bitter, sour, sweet and savory (which is also called "umami"). 

When it comes to food, your taste buds experience these types of flavors (maybe not all in one sitting, but it's generally spread throughout different types of dishes). And movie theater snacks are no exception to this type of experience. So whether your preferences are salty, bitter or all of the five basic tastes, this fun food quiz will determine just how old you really are!

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much butter do you want on that delicious movie theatre popcorn?

Let's talk about how much popcorn you can eat in one sitting. Would you order a small, medium or large tub of popcorn for yourself?

Your local movie theater is now serving nachos! Which of these toppings are you going to add for some extra flavor?

There's always room for a slice of pizza at the movie theater! Which of these pizza flavors are you about to munch on?

It's time to satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these tasty movie theater candies! Which will you pick?

Do hot dogs really belong in a movie theater or do they actually belong at baseball games?

Your local movie theater is giving away a free bag of chips with a ticket purchase! Which of these chips will you choose?

Some movie theaters hand out mints at the end of a movie. The real question is, how many mints would you grab for yourself?

Are you more likely to order a combo meal or an a la carte snack at the movie theater?

When it comes to choosing a drink at the movie theater, do you prefer water, soda or lemonade?

You can only choose one! Would you rather snack on peanuts, pretzels or gummy bears at the movie theater?

You've got a coupon for a free ICEE drink at your local movie theater! Which of these flavors will you choose?

There are a wide variety of gummy candies to choose from at the movie theater, but which of the following is your favorite?

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being "very likely"), how likely are you to share some of your movie theater snacks with your friends?

Let's say that you're going to the movies with your best friend. Are you going to pay for the tickets or the snacks?

Some movie theaters offer alcoholic drinks to customers. Would you be more interested in beer, wine or mixed drinks?

A tasty chicken tenders dinner at the movie theater calls for which of the following dipping sauces?

Hot summer days call for some tasty ice cream! Which of these ice cream treats will help you stay cool?

Everyone loves pretzel bites, right? Which of these yummy flavors are you about to indulge in?

Where do you stand in this movie theater fries debate: French fries or curly fries?

When it comes to mozzarella sticks at the movies, just how many can you eat in one sitting?

Would you describe your movie theater snack palate as more sweet, savory or a mix of both?

Are raisins a tasty snack at the movies or do they really belong in the nearest trash bin?

Would you rather eat 20 Junior Mints or just three Sweetart Ropes at the movies?

When it comes to eating sour candy at the movies, do your taste buds jump for joy or cower in fear?

Your best friend is nice enough to buy you a cheeseburger at the movies! Which of these extra toppings are you going to request?

Your local movie theater is offering a discount on select milkshakes! Which of these milkshake flavors are you about to order?

Would you rather eat a full-course meal at the movies or is it better to eat dinner at a different restaurant?

Movie theater popcorn doesn't have to be simple! Which of these popcorn flavors are you the most interested in?

Are you the type of person to eat all of your movie theater snacks before the movie even begins?

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