Tell Us a Little About Yourself and We'll Tell You What Your 1637 Name Would Have Been

By Zoe Samuel on May 02, 2018

About This Quiz

The 1600's were an interesting century. At the beginning of that hundred-year period, society was still mostly bound by really ancient superstitions, ideas like absolute monarchy were still popular, and the plague was something you got if God was mad at you. 

Contrary to our modern popular myths about the Elizabethan period, however, the idea of a nuclear family being the be-all and end-all of society hadn't really settled in yet. Society wasn't prosperous enough yet to sustain much beyond a subsistence farmer class with an aristocracy in charge of it, and that meant kids were raised by the proverbial village. All women and all men worked unless they were high-level clergy or a lord and family. There was no middle class to speak of, and nation-states constantly went to war with each other.

By 1700, however, things were very different. England had its Civil War and the seeds of the other revolutions - American, French, and so on - were sown. The middle class had been born, and while it wasn't very big yet, it was starting to make its presence felt. The Industrial revolution was but a generation away, and the modern world was beginning to look possible. Science was even taking tentative steps out from the shadow of religion.

How would you have fit into this period of remarkable change? Tell us a little about that, and we'll tell you what name you'd have had!

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