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From the Model T to today's F-150, Ford has been a major influence on the way we get around. Think you know all about the iconic brand? Take the quiz to find out!

What was the first Ford truck called?

The first Ford truck was called the Model T! The truck was presented in 1908, and became well-known for its affordable price. The truck had many different models as well.

Which of the following did Ford introduce to its trucks in the 1960's?

Ford introduced a camper setup in the back of its trucks in the 1960s! This made camping a whole lot easier after purchasing a Ford truck!

Is it true or false that Ford reuses its scrap aluminum to build more trucks?

This is true! Ford reuses any scrap aluminum that it has to put into new trucks that are being built. By doing this, the company is saving tons of aluminum that would otherwise become waste!

What was the name of Lincoln's first pickup truck with Ford?

The name of Lincoln's first pickup truck was the Lincoln Blackwood! The truck was manufactured by Ford and became the first luxury pickup truck. Unfortunately, it didn't do well in terms of sales.

Who built the 'Snakebit'?

Gene Simmons built the 'Snakebit'! It was a 1956 F-100 that was customized by Gene Simmons and Ford. It was sold for $450,000, which went to charity!

What was the name of the Ford trucks that you could purchase with a rainbow-like color in the 1970s?

The name of the package was The Free Wheelin' Package. The side of the truck dawned a rainbow-like pattern that came in a few different variations.

Which model is Ford's best selling truck?

The Ford F-150 is Ford's best selling model! The F-Series was the top selling truck in the United States for 39 long years!

What change did Ford make to its trucks in 2015?

In 2015, Ford started using aluminum in its trucks. This gave other companies a chance to poke fun at Ford trucks, but they were able to prove their durability!

Which of the following Ford trucks has only had two generations?

The F-650 Super Duty only had two generations. The truck was first introduced in the year 2000, and it is often used by businesses that need a heavy duty truck to keep up with their work.

Is it true or false that the Ford Ranchero outsold every other vehicle in America?

This is false! The Ford Ranchero did not outsell every other vehicle in America. The vehicle was a car/truck hybrid that sold pretty well overall.

How did Ford and NASCAR commemorate their 50th year?

Ford and NASCAR celebrated their 50th anniversary with a special edition truck. The truck was made by Ford and dawned the NASCAR logo, as well as had Goodyear tires.

Which Ford truck did Chevrolet use to tow in their trucks to a fair in 2012?

To tow in their trucks to a fair in 2012, Chevrolet used a Ford SuperDuty! This series of truck is perfect for pulling in loads, and they were first introduced in 1999.

Which outdoors store teamed up with Ford to release a special edition truck?

Cabela's teamed up with Ford to release a special edition truck! The truck was introduced in 2009 and it was available in a few different colors. The Cabela's logo was near the back of the truck.

Which two colors of Ford truck were the most popular in America in 2015?

White and black were the two most popular colors of Ford Truck in America in 2015! The West Coast was more interested in buying white trucks, whereas the East Coast was more interested in buying black trucks.

What model of Ford truck did the founder of Walmart drive?

The founder of Walmart, Sam Walton, drove an F-150 to work every single day! Although he was a billionaire, he still loved taking his truck to work every day.

What ranch in Texas teamed up with Ford on a special edition truck?

King Ranch teamed up with Ford on a special edition truck! The ranch utilizes over 260 trucks every day. The first truck was an F-150 and the first edition was introduced in 2001.

What does Ford consider a Super Duty?

Anything over an F-150 is considered a Super Duty truck. The newer Super Duty models also have aluminum like the F-150 models starting in 2015.

Can you fill in the blank? "Claycomo, Missouri and _______________ are the only two factories that build the F-150."

Claycomo, Missouri and Dearborn, Michigan are the only two factories that build the F-150. These factories make the F-150 all-American made!

What was the name of the first F-series truck?

The first F-series truck was a F-1! Later generations adopted "00" or "50" on the end of the number. The trucks went up all the way until an F-8!

Which of these models are only available outside the United States?

The Ford F-1000 Galáxia is the only one of those models to be available only outside of the United States. The Galáxia was manufactured in Brazil.

As of 2017, how many generations have there been in the F-series?

There have been 13 generations in the F-series trucks! Each generation spans over a time of about 3-6 years since the first generation in 1948.

Who was the target market in Ford trucks early days?

The target market for Ford Trucks in their early days was farmers. Farmers needed a tough truck to get their jobs done. A Ford truck was their go-to vehicle for farming and getting around.

In what year was the Ford Ranger introduced?

The Ford Ranger was introduced in 1983! Although the truck is still being produced today, it does have its differences. The truck is also sold internationally.

In what year did Ford start providing factory four-wheel drive?

Ford started to provide factory four-wheel drive in 1959. This was during the third generation of F-Series. In order to get four-wheel drive before this time, other manufacturers had to do this.

Which special edition truck had to be custom made by the Tuscany Motor Company?

The F-150 Tonka truck had to be made by the Tuscany Motor Company. The truck was a bright yellow color and had the Tonka logo in multiple places all over it!

Which special edition truck was meant for going off-road?

The F-150 Raptor was meant for going off-road!. The F-150 Raptor has continuously been remodeled and made throughout the years. This truck is ideal for off-roading with plenty of suspension!

Which truck was built after demand for a stronger truck arose after the introduction of the Model T?

The Model TT was built after the demand for a stronger truck arose. The Model TT was tougher, and could do more that the previous model.

What is the slogan for Ford Trucks?

The slogan for Ford Trucks is "Built Ford Tough." The slogan reinforces the fact that the trucks that Ford makes will be able to withstand all that they are put through.

What part of the third generation F-series truck changed from previous generations?

The grille on the third generation F-series truck changed from previous generations. The grille became more square as opposed to the round grille on previous generations.

In what year did the Harley-Davidson F-150 Edition come out?

The Harley-Davidson F-150 Edition came out in the year 2000. The Harley Davidson F-150 Edition was discontinued in 2012, after a twelve-year run.

When were custom paint jobs introduced for Ford trucks?

Custom paint jobs were introduced for Ford trucks in the 1980s. Before this time, colors were chosen based on what was offered by Ford.

Which special edition package was introduced in 1991?

The Nite special edition package was introduced in 1991. The package gave the truck a black paint job with a stripe of color that ran down the side.

Which car company had a dispute with Ford over a name they used for their car that was similar to the name of a Ford Truck?

The company was Ferrari! Ferrari named one of it cars "Ferrari F150" which was very close to the Ford F-150 name. Ferrari was forced to rename its car the "Ferrari 150° Italia".

Is it true or false that an F-150 became the first monster truck?

This is true! A Ford F-150 owned by Bob Chandler was modified and became the first monster truck. The truck was called "Bigfoot!"

What were the first generation Ford trucks referred to as?

The first generation of Ford trucks were referred to as F-1, F-2, F-3, etc. The trucks later took on two extra numbers, making them F-100, F-200, F-300, etc.

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