Take This Numerology Test and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With

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About This Quiz

Taking a test involving numbers has never been more fun! We're going to examine the way you use numbers, the way you interpret numbers and how numbers play a role in your life that you might not even realize. Once you've completed the questions, we'll add up your responses and equate them to the number of people you've slept with! 

Dating back to 539 B.C. when Pythagoras began studying numbers, numerology is often considered more accurate than astrology or psychic abilities. Throughout this sassy test, we'll need to know a few intimate details about the way you handle numbers. Each answer you give will provide a clue about the number of people you've taken to the bedroom.

You won't need to do any crazy mathematical problems, but you will need to be honest. We also won't ask you about your intimate experiences. Instead, we'll let the numbers do the talking for you. Will your answers lead us to the magic number you've racked up, or will we need to do a little more calculating? You'll be amazed when we hit your number right on the head!

Does the day of your birthday fall in the beginning, middle or end of the month?

Are you more freaked out by the number 13 or the number 666?

How many slices of bacon is the correct amount for a BLT?

When you first wake up, how many times do you hit the snooze button?

Do you tend to count the stairs when you use them?

Which of these people would you consider your number one?

Be honest! Do you giggle when you hear the number 69?

Out of these numbers, which one are you most drawn to?

Have you ever eaten a baker's dozen of donuts all by yourself?

Think fast! Are you able to recite your phone number without looking it up?

Would you say that you consider the number seven to be the luckiest?

Do you believe that things happen in series of threes?

Some believe it's bad luck to sneeze three times. Do you?

In your opinion, how long should you date someone before getting intimate?

Do you ever add up phone numbers to see which number they equal?

How many times do you let a phone ring before you hang up?

Look around your living space. Do you group things in even numbers or odd numbers?

When you look at price tags, do you always round the price up?

Give us a ballpark figure. How many hearts have you broken?

When Friday the 13th rolls around, do you take extra caution?

When you go to your best friend's house, how many times do you knock on the door?

Which prime number pops up in your life most often?

Between 1 and 15, which number are we thinking of now?

It's time to binge watch your favorite show. How many episodes do you watch in one sitting?

Are you better at doing addition or subtraction in your head?

If you add your birthdate together, does it make a number under or over 50?

How long was your relationship with your last ex?

You're at a pizza party. How many slices can you eat?

Which number's multiplication tables give you the biggest problem?

What time is the ideal to go to bed at night?

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