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Aliens, galaxies, and war! How well do you know agents K and J and their quest to keep the Earth safe for both humans and aliens alike? Take the quiz to find out!

Before joining M.I.B., J's name is __________?

In his opening scene, James is a NYPD officer in the pursuit of a suspect who is freakishly fast and agile, and scales a building with his bare hands.


What do the Men in Black supervise?

The Men in Black supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms who live on Earth and hide their existence from ordinary humans.


Who is K's partner before J comes along?

D wants to look at the stars and see them for just that - stars. K gives him what he wants by zapping him with the memory erase and allowing him to live a normal life.


Edgar's poor "can't do nothing right" wife is _______?

Beatrice is played by Siobhan Fallon who can be seen as Ellen in 'Dark/Web' and as Mitzi in 'Going in Style.'


Once the bug has on the "Edgar suit" he demands ________ from Beatrice?

The Edgar the Bug wants Beatrice to put lots of sugar in water. He then drinks it.


K takes the "soon-to-be" J to a Pawn Shop to identify the _______ weapon he saw with the alien he chased down on foot?

The gun has mutate capacity and the alien he soul it to is an unlicensed cephalopod.


What happens when K blows Jeeb's head off?

Although his head can be shot off, and it regrows immediately, it never looks exactly the same and stings immensely while regrowing.


Where in NYC is M.I.B. headquarters located?

Inside it's a gray lobby with a security guard, two wall fans, and at the end an elevator.


Edgar the Bug steals a _______ truck?

The previous owner of the truck arrives at Edgar and Beatrice's barn to kill the cockroaches. Edgar the Bug takes offense to that so he kills the guy and steals the truck.


Edwards is in a room with the "best of the best" in egg-shaped chairs, taking a ______?

After the paper test the recruits go into a simulation, where Edwards shoots the only non-alien, an eight-year-old girl named Tiffany. After the simulation, the rest of the recruits, minus Edwards, go into an "eye test."


Who is in charge of the M.I.B.?

Zed is played by Rip Torn who can be seen as Tom in 'Bridge of Names' and as M in 'TripTank.'


On ________ nine people, seven agents, one astronomer, and one dumb kid who took a wrong turn, greet the first intergalactic refugees.

March 2, 1961 was a Thursday with a partial lunar eclipse in the night sky.


K reveals to J that there are about _______ aliens on Earth?

Most of the 1500 are in Manhattan just trying to make a living, and are not cab drivers.


What's the catch to being part of M.I.B?

He must sever all contacts he has and no one will know he ever existed.


What is a skimmer?

Redgick is the alien who is not authorized to leave Manhattan, but he's stuck on the New Jersey Turnpick.


When K & J get into their "Ford P.O.S.", K tells J to never touch the _______?

Pushing the red button transforms the car into a jet-powered supercar.


Each M.I.B. field agent has his or her own standard issue _______?

The Neutralizer flashes a light and wipes out the person's memory about an alien and the agent replaces the old memory with a new one.


Edgar the Bug kills _______ in a restaurant?

Rosenberg is a member of the Arquillian royal family.


To prevent war, "the galaxy is on ________?"

Orion is the cat that travels with Rosenberg and accompanies him to the morgue.


Who plays K?

Tommy Lee Jones can be seen as CIA Director Robert Dewey in 'Jason Bourne' and as Joe Galloway in 'Mechanic: Resurrection.'


"Arquillians and bugs, _______, what do you know?

Frank, an alien disguised as a dog, explains that the missing galaxy is a massive energy source housed in a small jewel.


The galaxy is the best source for __________ in the universe?

Subatomic energy are particles of various self-contained units of matter or energy that are the fundamental constituents of all matter.


When Edgar the Bug takes the cat, he also kidnaps _______?

Laurel Weaver is the Deputy Medical Examiner who has had a few run-ins with the M.I.B. in the past, all of which were erased from her memory.


A galactic standard week is ______?

The Arquillian battle rules indicate that first, they send an ultimatum, then a warning shot, and a galactic standard week to respond.


Who plays J?

Will Smith can be seen as Howard Inlet in 'Collateral Beauty,' and Scott Ward in 'Bright .'


The observation towers of the New York State Pavilion at Flushing Meadows are disguised ________?

The New York State Pavilion is a historic world's fair pavilion at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Flushing, Queens, New York.


To get his gun back from the bug, after he's shed his "Edgar skin", K ______?

K uses his time inside the bug's stomach to grab his gun and blow up the bug from the inside out.


Who plays Edgar the Bug?

Vincent D'Onofrio can be seen as Wilson Fisk in the Netflix's series 'Daredevil' and as The Wizard in 'Emerald City.'


After failing to escape on one saucer, the bug tries to escape on the other saucer but is slowed down by J _______?

J taunts and crushes cockroaches, angering the bug. This gives K enough time to fire his gun from the inside.


J and K recover the galaxy and are about to be attacked by the bug again but _____ shoots it with J's gun?

Laurel is played by Linda Fiorentino who won her part in Men in Black in a poker game from director Barry Sonnenfeld.


At M.I.B. headquarters, K tells J that he has not been training him as a partner but as a ________?

At K's request, J neutralizes him; K returns to his civilian life and Laurel becomes J's new partner, L.


Before he becomes K, his name is _______?

Kevin was one of the people who made first contact with the first aliens to arrive on Earth, and became one of the founding members of the Men In Black.


What are the "hot sheets?"

According to K, gossip papers such as 'The Eye' and 'The Examiner' are the best investigative reporting on the planet.


J's first M.I.B. weapon is a _____?

A Noisy Cricket is a small pistol-like weapon with a small grip and pointed barrel. It fires a powerful orb of energy, creating the sound of a cricket, and has a strong recoil.


At the end of the movie, J picks up a supermarket tabloid and on the front page is a headline that reads ______?

There's a picture of a happy K reunited with his love; the woman he was spying on using the satellite feed.


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