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The 1999 version of "The Mummy," starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo, is a modern take on the classic Hollywood mummy horror story. Take the quiz and find out how much mummy you can take!

Imhotep is a higher-up in Ancient Egypt. Why is he so important to the Pharaoh?

For the Egyptians, their religion is part of their noble class. Being the High Priest, Imhotep was one of the most powerful men in Egypt at the time. Bigtime!


Remember the vows! What does Imhotep do that gets him on the Pharaoh's bad side?

Imhotep probably really does love Anck-Su-Namun, but remember, she belongs to his boss. To put it bluntly, you shouldn't have inter-office romance. Naughty naughty!


After Anck-Su-Namun is busted with smudged makeup, thanks to Imhotep, what does the couple decide to do?

In what has to be an overreaction that may or may not have been a good idea, the couple decide to kill the Pharaoh. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!


Why was Anck-Su-Namun levelheaded about sticking a dagger into her belly?

Imhotep, aside from being the High Priest, is also known as the keeper of the dead. It's no surprise that he knows some magic spells to bring back the dead. No wonder!


The Royal Guard catches up with Imhotep, and Anck-Su-Namun stays dead. His people are killed. But what do they have in store for him?

As the narrator said: They did the Hom-Dai, where he was made immortal, mummified alive AND had flesh-eating beetles dumped inside his coffin with him. Obviously, the ancient Egyptians were very creative about punishment.


Although Imhotep is cursed through the ages, what is the upside?

It's a bit puzzling, but the upside of the Hom-Dai curse is that you turn into a flesh-eating monster with amazing area-affecting powers. On the other hand, you're suffering for eternity.


Why does the ritual have to be done in Hamunaptra?

Hamunaptra is the city of the dead, where pharaohs and the wealthy are buried. Because of this, it is the place where resurrection could be done. Dead sure of it!


Why is the Book of the Dead ironic?

The Book of the Dead is needed to raise the dead, although it may only really work in Hamunaptra. Still, it's chilling to think of what raising the dead requires. Boo!


What prevents Rick O'Connell, our hero, from being shot by firing squad early in the film?

It's not explained exactly what spooked the horse-riders. The only big clue we have is that Rick's back was against a statue of the god of death, Anubis. The horses may have been spooked by Imhotep wanting to eat them from underneath.


Who are those black horse-riders who were watching Rick escape?

The black riders are the Medjai, descendants of the Royal Guard that cursed and buried Imhotep in Hamunaptra. Maybe they should have thought about this whole curse thing before doing it…


Why is Evy Carnahan seen by Dr. Terrence Bey as a one-woman plague?

When we are introduced to Evelyn Carnahan, she manages to topple all the library shelves in an accident started by a ladder. Evelyn, or Evy, was played by Rachel Weisz.


Even if Evy Carnahan is a one-woman walking catastrophe, why does Dr. Terrence Bey put up with her?

Evy's parents were, as Dr. Bey said, fine patrons of the library and museum. It's not very flattering, but she really is skilled, in fact.


What does Evy stumble upon in the artifacts of the museum?

When Evy first goes into the museum, her brother Jonathan scares her by shocking her with a "moving" mummy. They love each other, but she's not that amused.


Why is Evy so high-strung at the early point in the movie?

Although Evy is book-smart, colleges or universities won't accept her into the course she wants because she has no field experience. Being a museum and library assistant isn’t enough.


Jonathan actually came bearing gifts. What is it this time?

It's a small box that has an ancient map in it, and it seems to be from the time of our unlucky Pharaoh, Seti the First. Cue scary music!


Just what is that mysterious box, really?

If you remember the intro, you'll realize that it's the key to Imhotep's coffin. It's a clever way to disguise the launch key for an ancient super weapon of sorts.


What does Dr. Bey claim to know about Hamunaptra?

According to Dr. Bey, when Evy first tells him about the map, Hamunaptra is a myth told to tourists for fun and fantasy. Even then, exaggeration was a thing for tourism.


Why is the "myth" of Hamunaptra so compelling — especially to Jonathan?

Jonathan is an opposite for Evy. He's in it for the treasures to be discovered, not necessarily the knowledge. You can already tell that he'll be part of the trouble.


Just like all treasure troves, what is the "safety switch" of Hamunaptra, according to the "tourist tales"?

It's straight out of the old adventure movies. All it takes is a little switch to be activated, and the whole city will sink into the desert sand, treasure and all. Bye-bye bling-bling!


Oh, for goodness' sake! What happens to the map as Dr. Bey is reading it?

It seems that Dr. Bey is one to talk about Evy being clumsy. He manages to accidentally burn an important part of the map… right?


How does Rick escape from prison?

While Evy did try to bribe the prison chief, in the end she had to tell the truth to let Rick escape from prison. Of course, percentage cuts were involved. The treasure of Hamunaptra is a LOT of gold.


Looks like Rick was having a hard time with that hanging. How bad was it?

It seems that the hanging scene in the prison was a bit too realistic. Brendan Fraser nearly bought the farm while shooting that scene. Insurance!


What is the real reason Rick's garrison was all the way in Hamunaptra?

As Rick puts it, his garrison was in Hamunaptra because they believed in the treasure stories also. And they crossed through hostile countries to get there.


What is Evy's actual reason for going to Hamunaptra?

Evy's interest is in the Book of Amun-Ra, which supposedly holds a lot of information on the rituals of the ancients. Uh-oh.


Which memorable person does Rick meet on the boat?

Rick met Beni, the soldier who left him to die in Hamunaptra. It wasn't a great reunion, as he threw Beni overboard.


After the attack on the boat, what was the one big good thing that happened to Team Rick?

Beni tried to annoy Rick by saying his team had all the horses. On the other hand, Rick had the better advantage: they were on the right side of the river. It looks like Beni and his team will take the long way around. Ha!


What was the trick with the mirrors?

It looks like the Ancient Egyptians knew their lighting techniques. And Evy's book-smarts came in handy, since she knew what they were for. Atta girl!


How does Gad, the prison warden, meet his end?

Gad is killed by one of the traps of Hamunaptra. What he thinks are silver and gold beetle jewelry have actual flesh-eating beetles in them. And he is the main course. Burp!


As the Americans uncover an ancient book, what other detail about the book makes Team Rick have the "advantage" again?

It seems that the map box and key for Imhotep's coffin is also the key to open the book. The Ancient Egyptians were smart, but that was definitely not thinking ahead.


What happens as Evy reads the inscriptions from the Book of the Dead?

As Evy speaks the lines from the book, of course Imhotep wakes up. Think of the book as launch codes for a magical nuke… in the form of an undead mummy. Run!


Who is the surprise leader of the Medjai?

Dr. Terrence Bey, the museum curator — and Evy's boss — is one of the leaders of the Medjai, who are tasked to watch over the City of the Dead. It looks like the map catching fire was no accident.


Why does Imhotep have a thing for Evy?

In order for him to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun, Imhotep needs a full sacrifice. In this case, he figures that he needs Evy for it. Yikes!


The plagues that the Mummy Imhotep has as his area powers look very familiar. What are they based on?

The moment that the Biblical plague of water turned into blood happened, Rick knew that Imhotep was near, and had probably leveled up in power. But didn't that happen in Moses' story first? Hmmm...


Poor Anck-Su-Namun. She was still an incomplete mummy when she died again. How did it happen?

As Jonathan gained control of the mummy guards, he saw Evy losing her battle with Anck-Su-Namun. You don’t mess with a girl in front of her brother. Jonathan ordered them to kill Anck-Su-Namun. Strike!


In the end, Imhotep couldn't escape his curse. How was he stopped?

As Evy spoke the spell from the Book of Amun-Ra, it made Imhotep mortal again — and Rick had first dibs on him, with a sword through the belly. To make matters worse, he backed into the creepy black pool. Yup. Mummy can’t get a break at that point. Boo ya!


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