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Car chases, murder, and prison. How well do you know the new 'Hawaii Five-0' team? Take the quiz and test your knowledge on the adventures of this action packed team!

The remake of 'Hawaii Five-0' starts in the year _______?

The series is a reboot of the original series, which also aired on CBS from 1968 to 1980.


What is Five-0?

The task force answers only to the Governor of the state of Hawaii and was given immunity and means to investigate crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping.


Who is in charge at Five-0?

Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett has a Navy Intelligence background and a long-standing nemesis in Wo Fat.


The _______ of his father brings McGarrett to Hawaii from South Korea?

Father McGarrett is shot and killed while on the phone with his son Steve McGarrett.


Who does McGarrett pick for his partner?

Danny is a divorced single father who transferred from Newark PD in New Jersey to be with his daughter.


McGarrett father's former trainee and pick for the third spot on the Five-0 team is ________?

Chin Ho Kelly was a former Honolulu Police Department police officer who left the force due to false allegations of corruption.


The fourth member of the Five-0 team is HPD Academy graduate ______?

Kono Kalakaua is the cousin of Chin Ho Kelly and is well-versed in martial arts and is a skilled marksman.


When the series begins, McGarrett thought his _______ died years ago.

Doris McGarrett is a CIA agent codenamed "Shelburne" who faked her death.


Danny's ex-wife's ringtone is the song to the shower scene in ________?

Psycho is a 1960 American psychological horror thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. In the shower scene, Janet Leigh's character is stabbed to death as she's taking her shower.


Danny is considered a _______?

He's regarded as a haole for being a non-Hawaiian and not following island customs during the first season, By the time season five rolls around he's much more relaxed.


Danny's nickname is _____?

Danny gets his nickname from his daughter Grace, who calls him "Danno" because she could not pronounce Daniel or Daddy.


________ is the conspiracy theorist on Five-0?

Jerry Ortega lives in his mother's basement who regularly assists the Five-0 Task Force with various cases. He is over the moon when he finally gets an office in the Five-0 headquarters.


Dr. Max Bergman is the _________?

A medical examiner is a medically qualified officer whose duty is to investigate deaths and injuries that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances, to perform post-mortem examinations, and in some jurisdictions to initiate inquests.


Who plays Steve McGarrett?

Alex O'Loughlin first flashed on screen by playing Ian Mack in he TV series 'White Collar Blue.'


________ is McGarrett's on-off lover?

Catherine Rollins is a retired US Navy Lieutenant who in Season Six makes a call to an unidentified person stating that Steve believed her story and that she was "ready".


Who is a former DHS agent with a background as a profiler?

Special Agent Lori Weston returns to the DHS at Governor Denning's request when Five-0 get tangled in an incident with an employee of the Russian consulate.


Who is the former head of the Honolulu Police Department SWAT Team and now a member of Five-0?

Captain Louis Purnell "Lou" Grover left Chicago around 2012 or 2013, after an incident where he blames himself for having failed to save a boy who was taken hostage by his father, which ultimately resulted in a murder-suicide.


Chin Ho Kelly's confidential informant is __________?

Kamekona comes from a typically large Polynesian family and often mentions various relatives whenever one of the members of Five-0 needs a favor, whether for a personal matter or for an investigation


When the series starts, Kamekona Tupuola is the owner of ________?

Waiola Shave Ice is a real business that has been serving the best shave ice in Honolulu Hawaii for decades.


After Kamekona decides to expand beyond shaved ice and helicopter tours, he starts what business?

In his quest to makes lots of money, Kamekona's Shrimp Truck even puts shrimp inside their donuts.


Who plays Danny Williams?

Scott Caan can be seen as Jake in 'Rock the Kasbah' and as Alexander Clarke in 'Two for One.'


The Governor of Hawaii that requests McGarrett set up the task force is ________?

At the end of season one it is discovered that Governor Pat Jameson is colluding with Wo Fat


When he was on the force, Chin was accused of ________?

It is eventually revealed that it was his uncle, a retired cop himself, who had done it out of desperation over the expenses for his cancer-stricken wife's treatments.


Who plays Chin Ho Kelly?

Daniel Dae Kim rise to fame includes his time as Jin Kwon on the TV series 'Lost.'


Who is the villain that makes as the nemesis of Steve McGarrett in the original and remake of Hawaii Five-0?

Wo Fat evolves from the original series as a master spy for the Red Chinese, later in the remake into an extremist Chinese agent working with a hawkish Chinese general.


Kono marries Adam, the new head of the ________?

The Japanese Yakuza are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan.


Who plays Kono Kalakaua?

Grace Park played Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii in 'Battlestar Galactica' and as Akani Cuesta in 'The Cleaner' before being a part of 'Five-0.'


The hacker that is Danny's CI is named _____?

Adam "Toast" Charles is played by Martin Starr who can be seen as Bertram Gilfoyle in 'Silicon Valley.'


Chin is thinking about adopting _______?

Sara is the daughter of Chin’s deceased brother-in-law Waincroft, who is a longtime enemy of Five-0.


Steve and Danny went to _________ counseling?

Steve and Danny need to do so many hours per year on therapy. McGarrett thought it would be a great idea to get it done all in a weekend and accidentally signs them up up for a couples retreat.


Steve's father called their family _______?

He called them five-0 because they were not from Hawaii and Hawaii is the 50th state of the union.


Who plays Lou Grover?

Chi McBride can be seen as Nick Fury in 'Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.' and as Steven Harper in 'Boston Public.'


______ is Danny's daughter?

Grace Williams is the daughter of Danny Williams and Rachel Edwards. Her parents divorced in the timeline before the pilot and she moved to Hawaii with her mother and millionaire new stepfather. Danny followed Grace to Hawaii.


Who is Steve McGarrett's former SEAL trainer and mentor?

Joe White is played by Terry O'Quinn who is also known for playing Admiral Thomas Boone in 'Jag' and John Locke in 'Lost.'


Who plays Dr. Max Bergman ?

Masi Oka is also known for playing Hiro Nakamura in 'Heroes' and 'Heroes Reborn.'


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