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"Easy Rider" is a 1969 landmark film of American cinema. The U.S. — and the world, in general — was facing many changes during that era. The film reflected lots of those changes that affected real people. Think you can ease your way into this cinematic classic? Then take this quiz and find out!

"Easy Rider" is about two guys driving around highways and towns. What mode of transportation are they using?

"Easy Rider" is a essentially a road film, so the characters are out on a road trip with their motorcycles. It was rare for Hollywood to portray this kind of film. Easy Rider helped popularize it.


Since "Easy Rider" is about two guys riding motorcycles, it also falls into this kind of film sub-genre.

Road films usually featured characters in cars, but "Easy Rider" was one of the first handful of successfully made biker films to come out of that era in Hollywood. Prior biker films weren't that commercially successful.


The film stars Hollywood big-timers Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as the two bikers. Which one of them also directed the film?

Dennis Hopper was the designated director of the film. However, he took his sweet time editing it, and it had lots of production trouble along the way.


The two bikers were actually riding towards a specific destination. To which city were they headed?

The two bikers actually had a destination. They wanted to bike all the way to New Orleans in Louisiana.


From where did the bikers start their journey?

The two biker guys were seen in Los Angeles prior to taking off for New Orleans. It is assumed that they both lived there, but one of them is heard later in the film saying he's actually from New York.


The film is an American counterculture product, but the story opens in another country. Which country is this?

The film opens in Mexico. The bikers first conduct some quick business there, before we see them back in Los Angeles again.


Peter Fonda’s biker character, Wyatt, is the one wearing a helmet and jacket designed with this particular all-American emblem. Which emblem is this?

Wyatt's jacket has a clear design of the stars and stripes flag emblem. His motorcycle helmet is also designed that way, as well as the gas tank area of his motorbike.


Can you guess what famous motorcycle brand the bikers used in the story?

The Harley-Davidson motorbikes they used for the film were modifications. The extended front and other parts were customized, hence these types of motorbikes are also called choppers, for the supposedly modified "chopped" parts recombined or jazzed up.


Another Hollywood big-timer gets a ride in this film. Which "A Few Good Men" star was this?

Jack Nicholson was reportedly excited to be in a biker film when he saw the film's script. It was enough to break his self-imposed filmmaking hiatus at the time.


What were the bikers doing in Mexico?

The biker dudes were buying drugs in a place called La Contenta Bar in Mexico. From the looks of it, they're known in the area...


What kind of illegal drug did the bikers score in Mexico and bring to Los Angeles to sell?

The bikers bought cocaine in Mexico and resold it to a rich guy in a Rolls Royce in LA.


Since Wyatt was riding the stars and stripes-designed motorcycle and wearing similarly designed helmet and jacket, what nickname was used for him from time to time?

Wyatt would sometimes be introduced in jest as Captain America. It's also probably a symbolization of what the writers-filmmakers wanted to say about 60s counterculture America.


While Wyatt was the Captain America of the duo, Dennis Hopper’s character, Billy, was wearing this kind of outfit.

Billy always had on his cowboy hat and outfit. But he also wore a necklace made of some small bones.


In true counterculture hippie fashion, Billy also sported this.

One characteristic of the counterculture movement is rebelling against societal norms, including appearance. Thus, the clean-cut look is traded for the long hair look.


"Born to be ___" was the quintessential theme song of the counterculture movement, specifically bikers and others who dared to live life on the edge. What adjective describes them, as sung in the rebel anthem?

"Born to be Wild" became the unofficial official anthem of rebellion in counterculture America. Today, the song is used whenever some streak of rebellion is displayed in the movies, no matter how shallow.


Why are Wyatt and Billy heading to New Orleans?

The bikers set out for New Orleans to be there in time for the Mardi Gras celebration. Go where the bohemians will be feasting, dudes!


On the way to New Orleans, the two bikers pick up this kind of hitchhiker, a familiar image during the counterculture 60s.

Hippie is a word that's short for hipster. They're usually very laid back, peace-loving, and against the war or any form of oppression.


Where did they drop off the hippie hitchhiker?

Hippies were known to live in hippie communes in the 1960s and 70s. However, other types of communes also existed that didn't have hippies in them.


The biker duo made a lot of cash from their cocaine sale. Where did they hide their stash as they traveled?

Wyatt rolled up their cash and inserted them inside a plastic tube. This tube was then hidden inside his motorcycle's gas tank. Don't burn it all in one place!


They wouldn't be counterculture folks if the bikers weren’t using this all-organic, natural drug. What’s it called?

The actors were reportedly smoking real marijuana during the film's shoot.


Not all southern people are "judgmental rednecks" as Wyatt and Billy find out, when they met a nice person as they were put inside this kind of institution somewhere along the way.

The biker duo meets another “prisoner” named George Hansen inside a jail. But it seems that he was merely spending the night because he was drunk and passed out. So he took the biker dudes out of jail with him, and they became friends.


Jack Nicholson’s character, George Hansen, appears to be an important man in their small town, to the amazement of Wyatt and Billy. What is George’s profession?

George is a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, which usually takes on cases with social justice implications. Now that's why he's nice!


Why was the biker duo jailed?

Riding into a town that was having a parade, Wyatt and Billy followed the crowd and rode along with the parade. They didn't know that this was considered illegal, and they were charged with parading without a permit.


When Wyatt offered George some marijuana, it was called by another name. What nature-inspired term did the biker use?

George isn’t hip about counterculture terms for marijuana, like grass or weed. But he was game enough to try it for the first time!


While Wyatt and Billy are into weed a lot, George has his own vice companion. What was it?

George seems to start every new day with a swig of his alcoholic drink of choice. No wonder he ended up in jail!


Oh brother: This four-letter word is very common today worldwide, but in 1960s America, it was strictly a term used by the counterculture folks. Which friendly word is this?

The term “dude" has been in existence for hundreds of years, but in the film, it was referred to as a slang word foreign to the people outside of the counterculture movement. George, the lawyer, didn’t hear it until the biker duo used the term on him. Awesome evolution, dude!


Of course, since it’s a road trip, it’s inevitable that one of the bikers would experience this.

Early in the trip, it's Wyatt's bike that gets a flat tire. So they ask for cowboy to help them, and they get invited to dinner in return. Groovy!


In the hippie commune where they dropped off their hitchhiker, Wyatt was respectful because, as visitors, they were "eating their food.” Why is this simple gesture of hospitality a big deal to him?

In communes, people usually plant their own food, harvest and process it, and they are served to be eaten by all. This hard work is appreciated by Wyatt, so he's nice to them.


Wyatt and Billy also saw this very counterculture characteristic in the hippie commune, especially among the girls.

Two strong women seem to be emotionally connected to the hippie hitchhiker that the biker duo picked up. They were also strong enough to demonstrat their sexual openness by openly pursuing Wyatt, which one of them took a liking to, and later on with Billy as well. Free love, dudes!


When George wanted to hitch a ride with the biker duo to New Orleans, Wyatt required him to wear a helmet. What kind of helmet did he use?

Wyatt asked whether George had a helmet, implying that he could hitch a ride with them if he had one. The former football player indeed brought his football helmet with him.


As they drive deep into the south, the biker trio experiences anti-counterculture remarks which George called “country witticisms.” What’s the top thing that the anti-counterculture folks always suggest to the more hippie of the original duo?

People want to cut off the bikers' hair, especially Billy's, every time the bikers pass by judgmental people. It's about freedom, and freedom of expression, for counterculture folks to have long hair.


Anti-hippie sentiments went too far one time. What happened to the traveling trio as they camped outside and slept one night?

George died as a result of being bludgeoned by anonymous townsfolk who attacked the trio while they were sleeping. The locals had a lot of anger against anti-establishment people…


When they reached Mardi Gras, Wyatt and Billy hook up with two prostitutes from a brothel and they all shared another kind of drug popular during that era. What are its initials?

Wyatt and Billy went with their girls to a cemetery where they split the LSD between them. They got a bad trip, though.


After experiencing the Mardi Gras festival, where is the biker duo headed next?

The biker duo set up to travel to Florida after their New Orleans destination. Life on the road is cool.


Wyatt and Billy don’t reach Florida at all. What unfortunate event prevented them from doing so?

Billy's long hair attracted unwanted attention from some of those judgmental rednecks, and they fired a warning shot, but it hit Billy directly. Wyatt rode after them, but they decided to shoot him, too, instantly killing him as his bike flipped.


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