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The classic 1951 film, "A Streetcar Named Desire," produced many iconic images, styles and characterizations that became popular in the entertainment industry. Take a ride with us and reminisce about this Elia Kazan-directed film. Take this quiz and let’s go!

The story of "A Streetcar Named Desire" largely takes place in this city.

The story takes place in New Orleans' French Quarter. This neighborhood is a colorful and historic landmark for the state and the USA.


This classic film was an adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play. Which famous American playwright wrote it?

Tennessee Williams is the author who penned the play, "A Streetcar Named Desire." Most of the actors who appeared on the stage version were cast in the film version.


Which of the film’s characters was actually planning to ride a streetcar named “Desire?"

Blanche DuBois is the character we see in the opening, who says she should ride a streetcar named Desire. It’s part of a list of directions to get to a certain apartment.


Out of towner Blanche went to New Orleans to be with Stella DuBois. How are they related?

Stella is Blanche's sister. While the former seems to be more independent and city slicker-like, the latter appears to be more sophisticated and aristocratic, like a typical, rich southern belle.


It was revealed that Stella has been married to Stanley Kowalski, and they’re living in a cramped apartment. Which Hollywood legend played Stanley, identifying him with this iconic role forever?

Marlon Brando got his first acting chops through the stage version of this film. So when they were casting for the film, it seemed natural that he play Stanley.


Blanche DuBois is another iconic character in Hollywood. Which actress played her?

Vivien Leigh played Blanche in the film and in the stage version on London's West End. She was cast due to her celebrity status, even though Jessica Tandy originated the role on Broadway.


Blanche unexpectedly came to Stella and Stanley’s apartment in order to do this.

Blanche hauled all her things and had them delivered to Stella’s apartment. She apparently planned to live there for good.


Blanche had a career prior to arriving in New Orleans. What was she?

Blanche used to be a high school English teacher.


The DuBois sisters kept on talking about how they lost their huge family estate in Mississippi. What was the name of their property?

Belle Reve is the name of the once aristocratic DuBois family estate in Mississippi. Blanche apparently lost claim to it after paying off debts when her parents died. Stella had been gone from the property longer, so she felt detached.


Stanley appears to be a blue-collar worker in the story. But he also revealed that he had served in this industry.

Stanley served as a master sergeant in the military. That might explain his buffed muscles in that tight shirt...


Blanche tells sketchy stories about her recent past, to Stanley’s ire. In one of her stories, she revealed how she went out of the teaching business. What happened there?

Aside from losing Belle Reve to debts, Blanche was also fired from her job.


Stanley doesn’t buy everything Blanche tells them, especially about being in dire straits, since she seems to have lots of fancy stuff. What particular thing did Stanley point out?

With her huge luggage arriving in their cramped apartment, Stanley points out to his wife, Stella, how Blanche could afford fancy stuff like her white fox fur on a teacher’s salary. Something doesn’t add up...


Stanley also fixated on Blanche’s pearls and other jewelry, but Stella says that some of these were rhinestone. How did she describe rhinestones to her blue-collar lover?

Stella has a way with words, as she described how rhinestones are just "next door to glass.” So this means the stuff is practically not priceless.


Blanche's former civil status was also revealed. What was this secret?

Stella revealed that Blanche had been married. But she warned Stanley to never bring that up. Good luck with that!


Stanley was fixating about Blanche’s "dolling up" style. Blanche responded that a woman’s charm is 50 percent this ...

"A woman's charm is 50 percent illusion,” Blanche says. That’s why she creates illusions -- to look younger, prettier, and even kinder.


Blanche was carrying a bunch of personal papers about which she’s very touchy. What are these papers?

Blanche also carries with her a bunch of envelopes full of love letters. She said they contained “poems a dead boy wrote” to her. Awww...


Since Blanche is so aristocratically sophisticated, Stanley called himself this...

Stanley speculated that Blanche might see him as the unrefined type. Whether it’s to mock himself or to mock Blanche even more, the southern belle didn’t seem to care.


Stanley is so hung up on Blanche and Stella losing Belle Reve, he keeps on citing the Napoleonic Code. What does that code state?

It’s a very old code that doesn't hold water anymore in New Orleans, but the Napoleonic Code stated that a husband also owned whatever his wife owned. So if Blanche lost Stella’s Belle Reve share, Stanley lost his share as well! Or so he thinks.


Once in a while, this get-together happens in their apartment with Stanley’s lead.

Poker night with the boys is a regular ritual in Stanley’s small household. By boys, he means his male friends come over to play and talk shop and other manly stuff.


A peek into Stanley and Stella’s relationship gets disturbing for onlookers when he does this to her.

Stanley apparently slaps Stella in the butt. That might be fine in private, but the public sometimes gets uneasy seeing that, especially women!


One of Stanley’s poker boys notices the pretty Blanche and continues his well-behaved manner, especially when she’s around. Who is he?

Mitch, Stanley’s seemingly gentlemanly friend, behaves properly when Blanche is around. He was played by Karl Malden, who also played the role on Broadway.


Out of all the items a man could carry, Mitch carries this particular thing with an inscription on it. What does he carry?

Mitch is a smoker. He carries an inscribed cigarette case.


Blanche discovers that Mitch’s cigarette case inscription is from a poem. Which poet did she say wrote the poem from which the inscription was taken?

Blanche recognizes the inscription in Mitch’s cigarette case -- "And if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death” -- as the last lines of an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem. Hey, she was an English teacher, after all"


It’s not only Blanche who has secrets. Stella wants to keep this secret from her sister. What is it?

Stella is pregnant with Stanley’s child, but she doesn’t want to mention it to Blanche. Some reasons are understandable, but not to Stanley.


In their brief getting-to-know-you in between poker nights, Mitch was able to assess that Blanche was not one of these.

“You're certainly not an old maid,” a smitten Mitch tells Blanche. To which she replies “We've made enchantment,” and they start dancing to radio music.


Mitch and Blanche’s connection seemed to irk Stanley so much that he did this to the radio to stop the music.

A seemingly drunk Stanley was so upset that he threw the radio out the window. Never mind that he destroyed his own apartment windows in the process.


In another scary peek at Stella and Stanley’s marriage, everyone at poker night was shocked when Stanley did this to Stella.

First he shouts at everyone who seems to be enjoying the music on the radio, then he throws the radio out the window, then punches Stella when she tries to pacify him. What will Stanley do next?


As a consequence of Stanley punching Stella, she ran upstairs to stay with their neighbor-friend, while the poker boys did this to Stanley.

Punching Stella is a no-no for many, including Stanley’s friends. So they placed him under the shower, and let him wash his toxicity away.


When he finally came to, Stanley went out to the apartment courtyard and did this to atone for his sin.

The iconic Stanley shout of “Hey Stella!” while looking so sorry and disheveled has been imitated in global pop culture for decades. Brando perfected the role and this act on Broadway first.


We are all familiar with Stanley's popular "Hey Stella!” scene. What did Stella do after he shouted her name?

She went down the staircase slowly, as if accepting Stanley’s agony, then made up with him as he carried her home. Learn your lesson, dude!


Still hung up on Blanche’s recent past, Stanley found out Blanche stayed at a hotel after she lost Belle Reve. What was the hotel's name?

Stanley found out that Blanche was staying at the Hotel Flamingo, from which she was later thrown out after she developed a bad reputation. The reputation had something to do with bringing in “wealthy guests."


Mitch and Blanche went out on a date that ignited their passion even more. What did they plan as a result.

Mitch seemed bent on marrying Blanche. Blanche also sees Mitch as a sort of savior, so it works for her.


Stanley told Mitch that Blanche had been a prostitute, and that turns off the marriage plans. As many of her other dark secrets arise, it takes its toll on her and she starts experiencing this.

Blanche starts to have a mental breakdown when her dark past slowly starts catching up with her. It doesn’t help that Stanley speeds up the process.


Unsure whether it’s real or a sign of her mental degradation, Blanche repeatedly starts seeing a woman uttering the line “flores para los muertos.” What does that mean?

Blanche feels panicky, and when she does, sees a woman outside saying “flores para los muertos.” Why the woman in the French Quarter is saying “flowers for the dead” in Spanish, and not in French, apparently didn’t matter much to her.


Stanley and Stella had finally arranged for Blanche to be committed. As the mental institution doctor was escorting Blanche outside, she said this classic line of being dependent on a certain quality of strangers. What was this quality?

During the closing scene, Blanche utters one of the most iconic lines from this play-turned-film. Vivien Leigh emphatically delivers it as she says, “I've always depended on the kindness of strangers."


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