Take a Trip to Claire's and We'll Guess How Much Glitter Makeup You Wore in Middle School!

By Amanda M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Grab your purse and head to the mall. Do not stop at the food court, and head directly to Claire's. The way you load up your basket will clue us in to the amount of glitter makeup you wore in middle school. Did you sparkle like disco ball or did you barely have a shimmer? 

Will you spend more time in the body jewelry section than looking for the perfect necklace? Your trip to Claire's goes deeper than what you've bought. We'll be able to gather a lot about your personality from your choices. Then, we'll use our visionary powers to picture little you way back in junior high. You might not have sparkled like the sun, but we're betting you had at least a little glitter in your nail polish back when you were too afraid to approach your crush. Your choice of bangles or cuffs goes a long way in telling us if you piled on the glitter like snowfall at Christmas. 

If you feel stuck, pick up the phone and call your best friend. They will probably know your Claire's basket better than you do. Once you fill it up, we'll know how much you lit up a room in 6th grade!

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