Subaru Love: How Truly Devoted Are You?

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If you're here, then it means, at the very least, that you have a thing for cars. And if you're here for the reasons we think you are, then it also means that you're a fan of what Subaru has been doing for the past 64 years.

Subaru is a Japanese automaker that is known for using boxer engines. These vehicles have been using symmetrical all-wheel drive layouts since the 70s, something that other international brands began using in the mid-nineties. Today, with a net worth of over $27.3 billion, it's easy to tell that this company has been doing more than well for itself. 

Because we're showing Subaru so much love with its very own quiz, we want to find out just how much you love them. Are you the ultimate Subaru devotee? Would you choose them above all other automakers in the industry? Or are you just a fan? Do you like the way their vehicles are made but won't rush in line for the latest model? Or do you have no loyalty to Subaru or any other car brand in the world for that matter? 

Go ahead and get started on this if you wanted to find out how truly devoted you are to Subaru? 

How many Subaru vehicles have you owned?

How old were you when you rid in your first Subaru?

Which of these Subaru vehicles is your favorite?

Just why do you love the brand so much?

How likely are you to choose a Subaru if you were offered any auto brand for free?

Which brand, in your opinion, comes closest to Subaru's mission and vision?

If Subaru went under tomorrow, how would you feel?

What kind of vehicle do you prefer to drive?

What's the most important thing in a vehicle?

Which of these features is not important to you?

Which of these vehicle price tags would you not go over?

Are you a safe driver?

If you were to get in trouble for a vehicular crime, which of these would it be?

How many accidents have you gotten into?

How many tries did it take you to get your license?

What's the most annoying thing any driver could do?

Which of these superhero vehicles would you want to drive?

What does driving mean to you?

How do you feel about greenhouse gases?

Which auto film is your favorite?

Are you good with vehicles?

What kind of vehicle did your grandparents drive?

Which of these is your dream vehicle?

How would you describe yourself?

How meticulous are you?

How big is your group of friends?

Which of these activities would you prefer doing on the weekend?

What's your drink of choice?

How do you feel about change?

What makes you happiest in life?

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