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What is the name of the cab company in Taxi?

The Sunshine Cab Company covers the Manhattan area. The external establishing shot of the Sunshine Cab Company was of an actual taxi garage and gas station located on Charles and Hudson streets in New York's West Village.


What is the name of Danny DeVito’s character?

Louie De Palma, is the head dispatcher for the Sunshine Cab Company. Louie spends the bulk of his time holding court inside the caged-in dispatch office at the garage and trading insults with the drivers. Louie was a cab driver for 15 years before becoming a dispatcher.


Where does most of the action take place in Taxi?

The company’s fleet garage has lockers, mechanics, lifts, taxi drivers, the dispatch and the taxi’s themselves, everything you need for all the action. Louie even took phone messages, but he charged the drivers a dollar for each one.


What is the name of the character who is a single mother who also works as a receptionist at an art gallery?

Elaine Nardo was played by Marilu Henner. Elaine struggles to raise her son while driving a tax and as a receptionist at an art gallery. She dreams of entering the New York art scene. Most of the advice she seeks and receives is from her level-headed co-worker, Alex.


Which character considers cab driving his or her profession, and not a temporary job?

Alex Rieger portrayed by Judd Hirsh, is disillusioned with life and considers cab driving his profession. He used to have a high-paying executive job, but he went against the company line and got fired. Danny Devito and Judd Hirsh worked together after the show was over in Neil Simon's play, The Sunshine Boys.


What is the name of the character who is a boxer with a losing record?

Anthony Mark “Tony” Banta played by Tony Danza is the fighter with the losing record. Tony also played Tony Micelli in Who’s the Boss? In that TV series he was an injured baseball player. He plays a Tony in real life, and in the characters he portrays.


No one can forget Andy Kaufman. What was his character’s name?

Andy Kaufman played the memorable Latka Gravas. An immigrant from an East European nation, who speaks in his foreign tongue (often using invented phrases) or heavily accented English. "Ibida" is a word in Latka's language. While the word was never actually translated on the show, the context in which it is used shows that it means "yes."


But Latka was not alone, who did he meet and marry?

Simka Dahblitz played by Carol Kane is from the same country as Latka. However, they belong to different ethnic groups who normally detest each other. Luckily for us, they fall in love and have a hilarious wedding ceremony. Kaufman created Latka's language, which he taught to Carol Kane for her role as Simka, by inviting her to dinner and refusing to let her speak English.


What actor played Reverend Jim ‘Iggy” Ignatowski?

Christopher Lloyd guest-starred on the first season as an aging hippie minister who is burnt out on drugs. He guest-starred and then starred on the second season. Then he became a regular the rest of the series. This wasn't his first acting appearance with Danny De Vito, Both of them were in Jack Nicholson's movies "Going South" and "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".


What was the name of the shallow, conceited struggling actor?

Robert L. “Bobby” Wheeler is played by Jeff Conaway. In the series, success eludes Bobby. In one episode, he is signed by a famous manager who turn out to only want him as a lover, not to represent him as an actor. The long-troubled actor waged a public battle with cocaine, painkillers and alcohol on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, although he was unsuccessful in staying sober.


Why is Alex Rieger so disillusioned?

In fact, in one episode he relapses and gambles. He handles all his setbacks with a dry sense of humor and pessimist outlook. Judd Hirsch is an extraordinary actor, not just on Taxi, but he played John Lacey on the NBC series Dear John (1988–1992), and Alan Eppes on the CBS series Numb3rs (2005–2010). He is also well known for his career in theatre and for his roles in films such as Ordinary People (1980), Running on Empty (1988), Independence Day (1996), and A Beautiful Mind (2001).


What kind of derelict things has Louie De Palma done?

These antics are just the tip of the iceberg! Danny Devito’s character is very similar to the character, Frank Reynolds, in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He is unethical, immoral, devious and always makes us laugh!


How did Reverend Jim Ignatowski become a burned out relic of the 60’s?

He was a Harvard student that went on a downward spiral due to a drug-laden brownie. However, he occasionally exhibits unexpected talents, such as the ability to play the piano masterfully, much to his own surprise. Victor Buono played Rev. Jim Ignatowski's father, Mr. Caldwell, despite being only 10 months older than actor Christopher Lloyd.


What is the name of the episode where the cabbies help Jim Ignatowski pass a written driving exam to be a cabbie?

One of the funniest lines in the episode is where Jim asks Bobby “What does a yellow light mean?” Bobby replies, “Slow down.” Jim repeats the question slower and slower, still getting the same answer, to the audience's delight.


Latka came to the U.S. from an East European nation. What did he wish to become here?

Latka wished to be "an American fun guy taking each day in high gear." So, to obtain his wish, he gathered up copies of Playboy and a tape of a smooth-talking FM DJ and came to the U.S. "to alter my lifestyle to fit the fast lane." Did you know that Andy Kaufman asked the producers before he signed his contract to give guest appearances to Tony Clifton, who he claimed was a friend of his. They agreed. Tony Clifton showed up for the rehearsals late, very drunk, and with some scantily-clad women. The producers fired Tony on his third day. Clifton was in fact one of Kaufman's characters!


What would occasionally happen to Latka?

Latka’s intensive study into the world of the swinger forced a personality transformation in the form of an alter ego called Vic Ferrari, a suave, ingratiating womanizer who spoke English without any hint of a foreign accent. But as noted, that wasn't his only character. To maintain the practical joke on the producers, Kaufman always denied that Clifton was not a real, separate person. He was usually played by Kaufman in disguise, but Kaufman's friend Bob Zmuda sometimes played Clifton.


Prior to Latka’s and Simka’s marriage, there is the Gewirtzal. This is the person who proposes marriage for the groom-to-be. How does the bride accept the marriage proposal?

The bride-to-be accepts the marriage proposal by grabbing the nose of the Gewirtzal. There are many other customs as well, such as the bride wearing a suit and the groom wearing a dress. Carol Lane is still in demand on the acting scene. Since 2015, she has been a main cast member on the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in which she plays Lillian Kaushtupper.


Latka had to answer three questions correctly to marry Simka. What was his answer to this question? “Who is it that is not your brother yet he is your father's son?"

Curious about question number 2? Here it is:"What is the greatest gift a person can give to another?" The answer: $5,100. We’re not sure how anybody would know that, but it’s the correct answer for the wedding ceremony nevertheless.


In the episode, “The Great Race” what two characters take on a bet over which cabbie can rack up the most earnings in a night?

Louie racks up the most money in fares, however, it’s Alex’s people skills that win out. His tips put him on top, reminding the viewers who’s really in charge in the garage (and is the real heart of the sitcom). In an episode during the first season, Danny DeVito's character plays violin in one scene. A photo taken during rehearsals of that episode ran in a tabloid magazine along with a story describing how De Vito is "giving up" acting to play violin. De Vito's relatives called him out of concern believing the story was true.


When a peephole into the women’s restroom pushes Elaine to take action and get Louie fired, how does Louie get in her good graces?

He shares a story about his own humiliation (shopping for clothes in the boy’s department) to show he understands how he made her feel. The confession drives Elaine to tears. When Louie uses a hug as an excuse to grab Elaine’s ass, it proves he may have grown in some ways, but he’ll never change.


When Reverend Jim comes to Elaine’s high-society party, everyone hopes he won’t be Jim-like. What happens?

“Elegant Iggy” is s a surprising, warm and funny episode. However, it ends on a sad note when Jim asks, “Tell me something, Elaine: Did I have a good time?”


What happens when Latka sleeps with another woman to ward off hypothermia during a snowstorm?

In order to make things right, Simka has to sleep with someone Latka works with. This cause issues for the cabbies, Simka and Latka until Reverend Jim suggests they should get remarried so they can get past this. It was always a hysterical premise when Latka was in the episode, we're lucky he was a character in the show. Andy Kaufman's contract stipulated that he only had to be on the set two days a week, 14 episodes per season. Kaufman disliked sitcoms and originally turned down the part of Latka because he wanted to focus on his stand-up comedy career.


What happens in “A Grand Gesture”

Jim, who’s living off a generous stipend from his father’s estate, gives each of the cabbies $1,000 and encourages them to give it away. Even Louie gives his money away only to be rebuffed by his assistant, Jeff, who doesn’t believe Louie can do a selfless act. But Louie can and did.


Which of these quotes did Reverend Jim say?

Although many of these are one liners, Reverend Jim is even funnier when he’s interacting with others. For example, Bobby Wheeler: "We were wondering if you would join us for a few minutes?" Reverend Jim: "Well, what did you decide?”


Which of these quotes came from Louie?

Louie is just as funny when he has a straight man (or woman), for instance: Elaine Nardo: [Louie has just admitted his mother needs an operation] "What's wrong with her?" Louie De Palma: "Female problems, she's starting not to look like one."


Why did Bobby Wheeler, portrayed by Jeff Conaway not continue with the show for all five seasons?

Taxi writer Sam Simon said that when Conaway was absent during the production of one episode, his dialogue was reassigned to the other cast members who delivered the jokes as well or better. At the same time he left Taxi, his five-year marriage to Rona Newton-John (sister of Grease star Olivia Newton-John), whom he had met at a cast party, started falling apart.


Latka was an adaptation of Andy Kaufman's "Foreign Man" character, which he originated in his stage act. Why did Kaufman want to stop performing as this character on Taxi?

The writers solved the issue by giving Latka a multiple personality disorder. This allowed Kaufman to play other characters, like slimy playboy Vic Ferrari. In one episode, Latka becomes Alex, with profound insights into "his" life. Just as he is about to reveal to the real Alex the perfect solution for all his problems, he reverts to Latka.


Some of the funniest people in show business created Taxi. James Brooks is one of them. What other TV shows did he create?

James Brooks wasn’t only successful in TV, winning several prime-time Emmy Awards for his work, he also wrote, directed and produced Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, As Good As It Gets and Spanglish to name a few.


How many Emmy Awards did Taxi win?

Taxi had 31 Emmy nominations and won 18 Emmy Awards, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series. It included Judd Hirsh and Carol Kane for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and Danny DeVito, Carol Kane and Christopher Lloyd as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.


What years did the series air?

The correct answer is 1978 to 1983, however it was dropped from one network and picked up by another. Taxi originally aired from 1978 to 1982 on ABC and from 1982 to 1983 on NBC. When ABC canceled the series in 1982, HBO considered purchasing the show, only to lose out to NBC, which promoted the show in ads stating "Same time, better network".


Let’s not forget the prestigious Golden Globes. How many nominations did Taxi receive?

Taxi was nominated for 25 Golden Globes, with four wins (three for Best TV Series – Musical/Comedy). Danny DeVito tied with Vic Tayback in" Alice" for Best TV Supporting Actor.


Danny DeVito received quite an honor, what was it?

In 1999, TV Guide ranked De Palma FIRST on its list of the 50 greatest TV characters of all time. That is quite an honor. DeVito’s real-life wife, Rhea Perlman, makes him ineligible for any type of bachelor contest.


Danny DeVito wasn’t the only one to make the TV Guide list of the 50 greatest TV characters from Taxi. Which other character or characters are also on the list?

TV Guide placed Ignatowski 32nd on its list of the 50 greatest TV characters. Another endearing quirk of this character is his last name was originally Caldwell; he changed it to Ignatowski, thinking that the backward pronunciation of that name was "Star Child".


In 1997, two of the show's episodes, were respectively ranked #19 and #63 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time, which episodes were they?

Watching Latka as a repellent, smooth-talking lounge-lizard persona calling himself Vic Ferrari, earned “Latka the Playboy” the ranking of number 19 on TV Guide’s 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time. The laugh-a-minute dialog from “Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey” earned the episode a ranking of 63 on the same list. You should watch them both!


Who is the woman (or women) in Louie De Palma’s life?

Both A & B. Elaine is the object of Lou’s lust, and Zena is his sometime on again, off again girlfriend. Zena marries someone else after she and Lou breakup. Zena is Danny De Vito's wife in real life.


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