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There is no petty crime too big, too small, or too bizarre for the likes of Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone and his motley crew of clerks and District Attorneys working the night court. Laugh along with the unorthodox, fun-loving Judge and the parade of odd ball characters that come through his court.

What is the name of the unorthodox judge?

Just call the judge “Harry”. It’s how he ran his courtroom – relaxed, unconventional and honest. No inflated hoopla for him. According to the first season DVD, Harry Anderson, who portrays Judge Harold T. Stone knew he was perfect for the part. He auditioned with the claim that he WAS Harry Stone. The character loved Mel Tormé, was a magician and a bit of a comedian -- everything that Harry Anderson already was.


What is the nickname of your favorite male bailiff?

Richard Moll portrayed Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon, as a seemingly dim-witted hulk of a figure who was actually patient, gentle and childlike. He was fiercely protective of Harry. The character was not written with any particular look beyond the discordance between his appearance with what a nice person he was, but Moll had been filming a sci-fi movie and shaved his head for the role; the producers loved the look and Moll would keep his head shaven for the entirety of his run.


Where does all the action take place on the show?

All the action takes place during the night shift of a Manhattan Municipal Criminal Court. The location of the court was set in a tired, rundown part of New York City, and originally dealt with more realistic issues. In an early review of the show, Time magazine called Night Court, with its emphasis on non-glamorous, non-violent petty crime, the most realistic law show on the air. However, it soon changed emphasis to more bizarre and slapstick type of comedy show.


What was the name of the prosecutor in Harry’s court?

Dan Fielding, portrayed by John Larroquette, played a sex-obsessed narcissistic prosecutor who would do almost anything to get a woman to sleep with him. Although Harry was the “draw” for the show, John Larroquette became a popular personality winning a number of awards and many fans for his performance as the lecherous Dan Fielding.


What was the name of the character who was a sweet public defender?

Markie Post portrayed Christine Sullivan who was attractive, honest to a fault, and somewhat naïve. She was the primary romantic interest for Harry Stone and a regular target for Dan Fielding's lechery throughout the series' run. She also had various Princess Diana memorabilia collections such as a set of porcelain thimbles. (Anderson said on the E! documentary special "she WAS Christine Sullivan. She even apologized to a garbage can for bumping it!")


What is the name of the young, female, feisty bailiff?

Marsha Warfield portrayed Roz Russell, the third bailiff. Tall and strong, she was quite fearsome when she chose to project that image, which she almost always did. Sharp-tongued and unfriendly, in time she became close to her coworkers. Prior to Roz, Selma and Florence both passed away from cancer. Roz was much younger than Selma and Florence and her character remained on the show for the rest of its run.


Who answered Mac in this quote? [Mac needs help identifying sex toys] Mac: “You know this stuff?” [big smile] “Like the palm of my hand."

The answer is Dan in the episode, from Snoop to Nuts. As a sub-plot in the episode, a box of sex toys is delivered to the court. Mac needs help identifying the items when suddenly one sex toys turn on and has a mind of its own.


We can’t forget Mac! What was his job in Harry’s court?

Robinson was cast as court clerk Mac Robinson, after the first season in 1984, when Karen Austin, who played the original court clerk, left the cast. Robinson played the role on Night Court from 1984 until its end in 1992.Charles Robinson portrayed Macintosh "Mac" Robinson as an easy going and pragmatic guy. He was probably the most "normal" character. He had a good sense of humor (frequently having the last laugh at Dan), and was a loyal friend to his coworkers.


Mac didn’t have an actual uniform, but he did wear the same type of clothes every day. What did he always like to wear?

He always wore a cardigan, plaid shirt, and a knit tie (Dan stated in his will that Mac would get all of his suits, so "he would stop wearing those God-awful sweaters"). His catchphrase was the lament "It was my favorite sweater!" after one of his garish cardigans got ruined. An excellent actor, Robinson received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.


The honors kept coming for three actors. Beside Larroquette who else received nominations?

Paula Kelly who played the Public Defender in Season one was nominated for an Emmy. Selma Diamond the raspy-throated diminutive bailiff was nominated in 1985, and Anderson received three nominations in 1985, 1986 and 1987.


In which episode would you find a courtroom full of ventriloquists and their dummies?

In the episode, The Next Voice You Hear, Harry is distracted from a courtroom full of ventriloquists and their dummies by the delivery of a letter from his mother, mailed fifteen years earlier. In this episode Bull had his own puppet. It went on the market and was sold through retail catalogs.


What was the occupation of Charlotte Portney's role in Night Court?

Charlotte Portney portrays the courtroom stenographer. She appeared in 48 more episodes, but is never credited. Interestingly enough, She also played the Court Stenographer in Batman (TV Series) and was uncredited for that as well!


Which character would clap a hand loudly to his forehead when he realized he had made a mistake?

Bull’s catchphrase was “Ohh-kay” and his other trademark trait was when he would clap a hand loudly to his forehead when he realized he had made a mistake? Another trademark trait is when he would become upse,t he would moan a low pitch whine that became a loud wail as he stormed off in anger or sadness. From voice over work to roles in movies and Charles Richard Moll has a long and successful acting career since the show ended.


Mel Tormé, the famous jazz singer made eight guest appearances on Night Court, why him?

According to series creator Reinhold Weege on the Season 1 DVD Commentary, when it is mentioned in the first episode that Harry Stone is a Mel Tormé fan, friends and relatives of the famed jazz/pop singer called him to tell Mel Tormé about the reference. Mel Tormé was so flattered by the reference that when the series later contacted him about appearing on the show, he was more than happy to participate. Tormé as also stated that largely due to the Night Court references, he noticed that his audience at concerts started to get younger and younger and that his newfound resurgence was because of the show.


What other catchphrase did Mac have?

If Mac witnessed a problem, his usual first words were "Oh, my dear Lord!" By the end of the series, Mac left his job to pursue his dream of going to film school and becoming a director. However, in real life Charles Robinson didn’t have to leave the show to pursue other interests, he was able to direct three episodes of the series.


Reinhold Weege was well known for writing several television series, including Barney Miller and M*A*S*H and Night Court. How did he have a bit of fun writing Night Court?

According to series creator Reinhold Weege on the Season 1 DVD Commentary, many of the hookers and pimps are named after his friends. He comments that the references are his way of saying "hello" to these people. He also wrote that Bull Shannon has an IQ of 181.


In the episode, Chrizzi’s Honor, there were a bunch of bald guys, why?

In the episode, Chrizzi’s Honor, Christine is having a party to celebrate the anniversary of Prince Charles and Diana. No one wants to come but Harry orders them to attend which means Bull can’t attend the meeting of the bald bailiffs group. To make that scene more comical, the producers hosted a nationwide Bull lookalike content and had the winners in that scene, then had Bull stop by and tell them he won't be there.


What is shown during the opening credits as you hear the theme music?

Every episode of Night Court opens and closes with a jazz-influenced, bass-heavy theme tune composed by Jack Elliott, featuring Ernie Watts on saxophone while featuring video footage of prominent New York City landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York County Courthouse. It also introduces the major cast members with their names.


Did Night Court receive any Golden Globe nominations?

Night Court received a number of awards and nominations from the Golden Globe, Emmy's and other award shows. Both Selma Diamond (in 1985) and John Larroquette (in 1988) earned Golden Globe nominations.


How did Mac find love and happiness?

Mac met Quon Le in Vietnam when she was little. She grew up and came to the U.S. and Mac married her so she could stay in the U.S. Then she told him she was in love with him so they stayed together and lived happily ever after.


Where does Christine go into labor?

In the episode The Blues of the Birth, Christine goes into labor while trapped in an elevator with Buddy and a squeamish courtroom visitor. Christine was actually pregnant and when the writers found out, they worked it into the subsequent scripts.


When did the series air?

Night Court aired from January 4, 1984, to May 31, 1992 giving viewers nine seasons of laughter.


In the episode, Pick a Number, what happens?

In the episode, Pick a Number, Harry must choose for a meek little man what worthy person will receive the money from his lottery winnings. In this episode William Utay is first seen as Ivan, a man arrested and brought into court for beating up a mime and stealing his hat full of change. William Utay would eventually play the recurring character of Phil Sanders the eccentric former wealthy stockbroker who turned homeless derelict. It’s all about money.


Even Dan found love…and then lost it. What was her name?

Her name was Patty and although her father was a financial big-wig and bribed Dan to end the engagement, Dan stood his ground. Patty was the first real romance in Dan's life. Unfortunately, Dan was the only half of the relationship who knew what it was like to be poor. Patty's fear of not knowing how to take care of herself without money cost her the one man who could bring her true happiness, even if he was a sleaze before he met her.


Who could resist Bull? He eventually got married. What did his wife do when they met?

In season eight, Bull was finally ready to date and settle down, so he hired a matchmaker. Little did he know that she was what he was looking for. Bull eventually got married to Wanda Flinn. She was his matchmaker.


What is unusual about Harry’s stepfather?

Harry's eccentric stepfather is a former patient in a psychiatric hospital. His catchphrase was the capper to stories involving his hospital stay or past strange behavior: "...but I'm feeling much better now" accompanied by a huge leering grin. He was later revealed to be Harry's biological father, admitting he'd kept it a secret for fear that the truth would bring Harry's judicial ability into question.


How many years did this show stay in the top 30?

According to the Nielsen ratings, the show was a Top 30 hit from Season two through Season seven or six years in a row. Additionally, from 1986 to 1988, it was in the top 10, ranked at seventh among the ratings.


When Harry is out sick, what is the name of the Judge who occasionally fills in for him?

Florence Stanley portrayed Judge Margaret Wilbur who occasionally filled in for Harry. She was the exact opposite as Harry in that she tolerated no eccentricity from the rest of the staff and Harry encouraged that type of behavior. She first appeared on Night Court as a woman who cheerfully confesses to her husband's murder but may be hiding something.


How many times did the series receive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series?

The series received three Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1985, 1987, and 1988. The series also received many awards and nominations in the areas of lighting, editing, sound mixing, and technical direction. The show was nominated for thirty-one Emmys, winning seven.


What was the name of the episode where Dan Fielding is trapped in a motel room with a psychotic woman who acts out movie roles? The psychotic woman was lost by a trainee bailiff that Bull was smitten with.

Rhoda was the name of the trainee bailiff that lost the psychotic woman. However, John Larroquette's character, Dan Fielding is having a afternoon tryst with the women that he now realizes is psychotic, since this woman acts out movie roles. While watching TV an announcer says, "We'll return to 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'..." to which Larroquette says, "Seen that already." What was extra humorous about that line was that Larroquette was the voice of the Narrator in the 1974 "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and the 2003 remake.


In the episode, Nuts About Harry, Keven Peter Hall, a very tall actor played what type of character?

Kevin Peter Hall portrays one of four psychiatric patients that are brought into court. Then one holds up in a closet armed with a gun. In that Night Court episode with Hall, he was surrounded by what has got to be the tallest cast ever assembled for a sitcom. Hall shared scenes with 6'4" Harry Anderson, 6'5" John Larroquette, 6'7" James Cromwell, and 6'8" Richard Moll! Of course he was not going to appear as tall as if he were sharing the scenes with people of average height. At 7' 2", Wendell (played by Kevin Peter Hall) loomed over Bull (played by Richard Moll) who was a "mere" 6' 8.5"!


More love. How did Christine and Tony get together?

Christine and Tony were tied down in the records room. After Tony got himself loose and Christine untied, they ended up kissing after she found out he had a friend who was killed, and he had to stop his scholarship at NYU to enroll in the police academy. A few months later, they were married at an Italian restaurant and had their only child, Charlie.


How many times in a row did John Larroquette win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series?

After John Larroquette won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series four years in a row, he asked that his name be taken out of consideration. He was also offered a spin-off series based around the character of Dan Fielding, but he turned it down. He and his character were a fan favorite.


Why did the show end?

The show was still very popular in its final season on the air. The cast was offered more money to return for a 10th season, but the show would be put on a syndicated station as opposed to NBC. The cast declined. There may have been some hard feelings -- after the taping of the final episode on a Friday, the cast were sent telegrams to have their dressing rooms vacated by the following Monday or their belongings would be thrown away.


In the episode, The Game Show, what was the phrase that was used to make Bull follow a post-hypnotic suggestion?

The posthypnotic suggestion placed on Bull was triggered with (thanks to Dan) the phrase "I want to be your love slave." In the episode, Bull goes on a game show to raise money for a recreation center, but the gang has to hypnotize him so that he is not too nervous to go on. When it came to the point of giving him a phrase that would make him calm, a woman walks by and Dan shouts out, “I want to be your love slave!” providing the embarrassing trigger to the post-hypnotic suggestion.


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