Spend Some Time on Pinterest and We'll Guess Which Car You Drove in High School

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Let's build the Pinterest board of your dreams! After we've pinned and clicked our way to bliss, we'll be able to accurately guess which car you drove in high school! You might not realize that your life hacks, your inspirational quotes, and your quinoa recipes could give us such information, but we've made a science out of using social media to figure out the truth behind the digital highlight reel.

There are few loves in life like that we hold for the car we drove to high school. You felt like you were on top of the world in your little economy car or Grandma's hand-me-down battleship. Nothing can top the feeling of freedom and independence you felt driving yourself to school... except the things you pin to Pinterest! Sharing your favorite crafts, your ideal engagement ring, or your favorite interior design ideas with us will give us a pretty good idea about what car helped shape that portion of your brain. 

You may not have driven a flashy race car to school, but we're betting your Pinterest account gets more likes than your brother's old truck. Spend your time wisely and answer with the response truest to you. We're dying to find out which car you drove to high school!

What kind of food recipe would you look up on Pinterest?

How many Pinterest fails do you have under your belt?

Do you look up more recipes or more crafts?

What sort of how-to video would you search for on Pinterest?

Do you share Pinterest boards with anyone?

What type of photo are you most likely to pin?

Would you create a board for memes?

How often do you use Pinterest?

Is Pinterest your favorite social media outlet?

Which car related pin would you click?

Do you have any celebrity related boards?

Which makeup video would you pin?

Which hair related tip would you look for on Pinterest?

Which home decor idea would you try?

Do you follow any specific company on Pinterest?

Which Pinterest cocktail would you like to try making?

Do you prefer the mobile version or the desktop version of Pinterest more?

Have you learned anything from Pinterest that you didn't already know?

Have you used Pinterest to learn how to revamp old furniture?

What sort of pet related thing might you pin?

Would you use Pinterest to help you plan a party?

What kind of Halloween costume would you look up on Pinterest?

Would you look for any child related pins on Pinterest?

Would you look up any gardening ideas for Pinterest boards?

Have you ever gotten a Pinterest inspired tattoo?

Do you have any travel themed boards?

Which pallet project would you try?

Would you ever use Pinterest for relationship advice?

Do you use Pinterest to buy gifts?

When do you use Pinterest most?

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