Spend a Million Dollars and We'll Tell You Your Most Positive Trait!

By Steven Miller on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

If someone handed you a million dollars, you might feel inclined to hoard it - but the rules of this quiz require that you blow the lot! Tell us about the things you would do with your cool million, and we'll be able to tell you which of your traits is the most positive. There's a lot more to being positive than being positive, after all.

You might not be the type to buy a yacht, but you might splash out on something you've always wanted. With a million dollars, you could have that first issue comic book you've been dreaming about, or you could feed a small village for a number of years. The way you spend your money is completely up to you. We're simply going to observe the choices you make and try to figure you out a little. After we feel like we've gathered bits of your personality through your spending, we'll tell you which of your traits shines like the sun.

Whether its your openness or your warmth, you carry with you some of the best of human qualities. Spending your cash your very own way will help us to nail down the best one. Let's go shopping!

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