Spend a Day With Harry's Crew and We'll Tell You Which Harry Potter Character You Are

By: Kennita Leon
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

People like to judge you based on the company you keep. So we're taking inspiration from that and we'll be able to tell you which Harry Potter character you are, if you spend a day with his friends.

Since we're spending the day with Harry and his friends, let's start with his best friend, Ron. What are you eating for breakfast at the Burrow?

You and Ron are packing for Hogwarts. What is he most likely to forget to pack?

The Hogwarts Express left because Ron forgot something. How are the two of you getting to school now?

It's time for Care of Magical Creatures. What animal can you not wait for Hagrid to talk about?

But which one of Hagrid's pets would you stay far away from?

Hagrid has a last minute date and he's asked for you help. What's the first thing you do?

You get to hang out with one or a pair of Weasley siblings for a few hours (except Ron). Who do you choose?

Ginny has Quidditch practice, but they're one player down. Which position do you offer to fill in for?

Who would you ask out to go on a double date with Ginny?

Ginny is really good at hexes. Which one would you ask her to teach you?

What's your favorite thing about Fred and George?

Which Weasley invention would you have liked to help create?

In what part of Hogwarts would you have made these items with the twins?

Which of these pranks would you help the twins pull off?

Your last mission with Fred and George resulted in a Howler from Mrs. Weasley. What does she threaten to do to them?

Now you get to hang out with Luna. Which conspiracy theory of hers would the two of you debate?

Which one of Luna's weird belongings would you borrow for a day?

Which fantastical (made up) creature of Luna's and her dad's would you want to meet?

Which class would you attend with Luna?

Neville's up next. What do you dare him to do?

You and Neville are eating the candy that allow you both to make animal noises. Which noise do you end up making?

You and Neville are talking about your parents. What do you tell him about yours?

It's Hermione's turn now. What do you both do as soon as you wake up?

Hermione has to pick up her Prefect badge from Professor McGonagall. What badge are you also picking up?

You and Hermione finally get to have some fun. What does she want to do, that you also want to do?

Now that you've hung out with Hermione, what do the two of you have most in common?

Let's end it with the man himself, Harry. Which of Harry's adventures would you ask him to relive with you?

Where would the two of you use the Marauder's Map and Invisibility Cloak to go after hours?

Which Horcrux would you have helped Harry destroy?

If you were at the Battle of Hogwarts, how would you have helped Harry and his friends?

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