Spend a Bunch of Money and We'll Guess Which Decade You Were Born In

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About This Quiz

When we were young, we didn't give a lot of thought to where our next set of dollars was coming from. We spent all willy nilly while we were developing our tastes. As we get older and our priorities change, we tend to start looking at and spending our money differently. The way you spend your virtual cash will clue us in on the decade you were born in! 

As you go through the quiz, we're going to put your spending tastes to the test! Do you prefer to have the very latest version of your phone as its released, or are you the type that puts off an upgrade until you can no longer update the software? The choices you make while you are shopping will tell us many things about you. 

We'll learn about your spending habits and your style. Most importantly, we'll learn how old you are, and we'll place you in the decade we think you came from! 

Whether you are conservative with your spending or you spend like they will stop making your favorite things, we'll take our best guess! Your spending habits will give you away! Let's go shopping and figure it out!

What aisle of the grocery store do you spend the most money in?

Which of the most expensive breeds of dog would you buy?

If money were no object, which brand of car would you buy?

If you could have an unlimited gift card for any store, which store would you choose?

If you ordered a new couch, what fabric would you have it covered with?

Do you like shopping for antiques?

Do you ever clip coupons?

Which of the world's most expensive perfumes would you like to try?

How would you describe your spending style?

What kind of rug would you buy for your fireplace?

Which mall store could you spend your entire paycheck in?

What kind of jewelry would you buy for yourself?

Pretend to buy a completely new wardrobe. Where would you shop?

Which pair of designer jeans would you like most?

What kind of fancy water would you stock your kitchen with?

Which multi-million dollar liquor would you have flowing from a fountain?

How many bathrooms would you have built in your dream house?

How many cars would your ideal garage hold?

What would you love to have for dinner every week?

If you could hire a staff, which member would you bring on board first?

Would you ever purchase a yacht?

Would famous artist would you love to display on your walls?

Are you good at saving money?

Which room of your home would you love to spend a million dollars redoing?

Which of the world's most expensive resorts would you book a vacation?

Would you invest any of your new found riches?

If you came into a huge amount of money, what is the first thing you would buy?

Who would you hire to sing at your next birthday party?

What part of Target do you spend the most money in?

What luxury feature would you add to your home?

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