Sorry Yankees, Only True Southerners Are Passing This Quiz

By Torrance Grey on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

What exactly is the American South? Everything south of latitude 39 (which would include Arizona and Southern California)? Is the South a matter of geography, culture or politics? The truth is, the South isn't just one place. The culture and cuisine of the Ozarks isn't the same as that of the Appalachians. Politics in Texas isn't the same as politics in Maryland. (Wait --are we even including Maryland?) And political differences between Virginia and West Virginia were the reason that the latter state broke away from Virginia, many years ago. 

Still, there are a number of things that most Southerners agree on. For example, that Yankees just don't get how "y'all" is properly used. And that no New Yorker should try to get away with "Bless your heart." They know what kind of frosting goes on a red velvet cake and what sweetener should be used in a pecan pie. (Hint: Jamie Oliver would not approve). They know that while all of the South was shaped by the Civil War, especially the bitter loss of it, the South is a vital, diverse place today, with a hip-hop scene in cities like Atlanta as vital as bluegrass is elsewhere.

Whether you're a Southerner bred and born, or you just don't want to put your foot in your mouth during an upcoming trip, we've got a quiz for you! Test your knowledge of all things Southern now!

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