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You’ll feel like a million bucks when you ace this Six Million Dollar Man trivia quiz!

Who played Jaime Sommers?

Do you think The Six Million Dollar Man was just a television series? There is much more history to it than that. How did this series come about?

Who guest-starred in the eighth episode entitled “The Rescue of Athena One”?

What was the name of the Olympic athlete who guest-starred on The Six Million Dollar Man?

Early episodes of the series had Austin killing villains on occasion. Soon the level of violence in the series decreased, with Austin rarely (if ever) actually killing anyone. Why?

The opening sequence gave us which one of these famous lines?

Which character played the Director of OSI throughout the series?

What could his bionic eye do?

What has his bionic arm been compared to?

Austin's bionic arm contains what for detecting radioactivity?

One of the most memorable aspects of the TV series was the sound effects that accompanied the use of Steve Austin’s bionic powers. How did the producers indicate to viewers that Austin was running or using his bionic arm?

How did the producers indicate to viewers that Austin was using his bionic eye?

What was the major flaw in the implants?

In the very first episode, “Population: Zero” we are introduced to the vulnerabilities of the bionic implants to sub-zero temperatures. What was that episode about?

What was the name of the secretary to Oscar Goldman?

What did the OSI stand for?

Which character was played by several actors during the TV series?

Sonny Bono guest-starred on The Six Million Dollar Man. What type of character did he play?

Erik Estrada was another guest star. What role did he portray?

What actor played Big Foot in the episode “Bionic Big Foot”?

Do you remember the episode where William Shatner guest-starred? The episode was called “Burning Bright”. What happened in it?

Let’s not forget the special episodes that introduce who the bionic woman is, and how she becomes bionic. Do you recall how it all started?

As quickly as Steve Austin finds happiness with his bionic woman, what happens?

In the next episode, Jamie, having been saved by an experimental cryogenic procedure is not completely back to normal. What’s wrong with her?

More heartbreak for Steve Austin. What happens in the subsequent episode, “The Return of the Bionic Woman: Part 2”?

Majors was the star of The Six Million Dollar Man, but what else did he do for the series?

Who did the stunt work in The Six Million Dollar Man?

The characters Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers were ranked in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends". Out of 25 where did they rank?

Martin Caidin, the author of the Cyborg novels makes an appearance as G.H. Beck, do you know what happens in the episode Caidin appears in?

Between what years did The Six Million Dollar Man air?

What happened to The Six Million Dollar Man after the series ended?

Steve Austin with his reconstructed limbs could run how fast?

In the series, NASA astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of an experimental lifting body aircraft. What is a lifting body aircraft?

Given the TV show was an international sensation, what kind of merchandise did it inspire?

A horrible accident, a life-altering surgery, and one very expensive superhuman, add up to a memorable intro. What was the challenge in creating the opening sequence for the Six Million Dollar Man?

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