Show What You Know of "The Forbidden Planet"!

By R. White on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

The '50s brought no shortage of sci-fi flicks, most of which had one thing in common -- they weren't that good. The 1956 classic "The Forbidden Planet!" broke the mold, not just by offering an engaging story, but also by pushing the boundaries of the genre.

For instance, while earlier movies had space scenes, "The Forbidden Planet!" was the first to be set entirely in outer space. It was also one of the first to stretch the concept of space travel thanks to a ship that moved faster then the speed of light. The film even featured a surprisingly advanced robot -- who later starred in his own spin-off, "The Invisible Boy" -- who was so beyond his time that movie goers got an early glimpse of the potential dangers and pitfalls of robots and AI. 

Do you remember the name of the mysterious faraway planet where Dr. Morbius and his daughter were stranded? How about the name of the ancient people who once lived there? What is the name of the incredibly advanced robot assistant who welcomed Dr. Adams when he landed? Which future film star played Adams in the movie? If you can answer these, you just might have what it takes to ace this quiz about "The Forbidden Planet!"

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