Should You Quit Your Job?

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If you're having thoughts about saying goodbye to where you currently work, you should wait and give it some thought. Let us help you sort through the issues and come to a conclusion.

Are you good saving money?

How long have you been at your current job?

Do you want to leave your job more for money or self-satisfaction?

How do you get to work?

When you get your weekly paycheck, what do you first think?

How many hours do you work a week?

How many people do you support?

What is your relationship like with your boss?

What is your highest level of education

Do you work weekends?

Do you get health insurance through your job?

What do your friends say about your job?

Do you have expensive tastes?

Do you have another job 100% guaranteed lined up for if you quit?

When does a job become a career?

How tired are you after a shift at work?

Do you need to get a part-time job right now to make enough money to live?

What is your relationship like with your co-workers?

Is it realistic that you will ever have you dream job?

Are you embarrassed to tell people where you currently work?

How much do you have in credit card debt?

If you quit your job today, what would you being doing tomorrow?

Do you have the skills or desire to ever work for yourself?

What's your next big purchase going to be?

What happens if you show up 10 minutes late at your current job?

In a year, how often do you call into work pretending to be sick so you can have a day off?

If you had to go work at a call center selling something stupid tomorrow, what would happen?

Do you have to wear a name tag at your current job?

If you quit today, do you plan on your next job being your last job?

What industry do you currently work in?

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