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Blade Runner is one of the big sci-fi classics of the movie world. The film’s story and how it was brought to the screen have influenced many sci-fi movies that followed. Are you a true-blue fan? Let's find out with this pop quiz.

Which famous actor, who plays the lead character, Rick Deckard, has also portrayed a swashbuckling archeologist and a scoundrel of a space-smuggler?

Harrison Ford played the Deckard role so well that the original story’s writer said that he was practically perfect. He argued a lot with the director, since he felt strongly about the character and the script.


In the movie, what company makes artificial humans that are used as slave labor and treated as such?

The Tyrell Corporation is the big futuristic evil corporation. For them, artificial humans are property that they sell and replace.


In "Blade Runner," the artificial humans are formally called what?

Replicants copy human form and structure. They can be designed to be faster, and stronger.


Who directed "Blade Runner," in addition to the sci-fi classic "Alien"?

Ridley Scott feels that "Blade Runner" is his best film. His visual ideas for the genre would carry over to the "Alien" franchise, as he also directed the original film of that series.


We know the movie title is "Blade Runner," but what is a Blade Runner?

Blade Runners are special police agents who are tasked to kill replicants who become dangerous to humans. Any replicant caught on Earth is to be shot on sight.


Blade Runners have briefcases that contain what they call a Voight-Kampff test. What does it do?

Blade Runners use the Voight-Kampff test to see if a person is a replicant. Supposedly, the test never fails to detect replicants.


What does the Voight-Kampff test use for measurement and confirmation?

The Voight-Kampff test in the "Blade Runner" movie measures emotional and physical reactions. Supposedly, a replicant behaves very differently -- supposedly.


Which cop loves leaving origami-like mini-figures made from matches and trash?

It’s not clear if Gaff used to be a Blade Runner. But he seems to take a lot of interest in Deckard, and somehow doesn't trust him.


What makes the police spinner cars so different from normal cars?

Police Spinners can fly. Although in the air, the "Blade Runner" footage shows that they seem to follow virtual roadways.


What do the snake and the owl in the movie have in common?

The snake and the owl are also artificial living things. The movie implies that real living things are very expensive, or extinct.


When Deckard first meets Rachael, what was the big secret he learns?

Rachael is a replicant who almost passes the Blade Runner Voight-Kampff test. Blade Runner Deckard is disturbed, as he is told that she has implanted memories.


What is the limitation of replicants?

Replicants are activated with a four-year lifespan only. They are designed as such so they will not develop feelings or too much self-awareness.


What is Rachael's deeper secret?

Unlike other replicants, Rachael has no four-year limitation. That is according to the theater version of the movie, though. The director's cut movie version removed that detail.


Who eventually becomes the main target of Deckard?

Roy Batty is the leader of the rebelling Nexus Replicants. It's probably because he is rated to be the smartest among them, and because he is a soldier type.


What is produced in the first laboratory where the rebel replicants go?

The replicants start looking for a way to get to Tyrell. They first go to a laboratory where eyes are made.


What is the specific type of replicant that makes up the team of Roy Batty?

Nexus 6 replicants are the latest models, and they are smarter, faster and stronger than most humans. Deckard is shown using a powerful gun to take them down, and he needs a few shots to do it.


Who is J.F. Sebastian?

Sebastian is a genetic engineer who works on replicant development. He lives alone in a building, with robots or artificial life forms that he built himself.


Why does Roy Batty want to see Tyrell?

Roy Batty believes that Tyrell might know of a way to extend replicant life past four years. Sadly, it seems that the time limit is irreversible once programmed into the replicant.


Who is the replicant that makes contact with J.F. Sebastian?

Pris is a Nexus 6 replicant who is optimized as a basic pleasure unit. She attacks Deckard first as he explores the building where Sebastian lives.


This actress who portrayed Pris is also Angelica Turing in "Sense8."

Daryl Hannah is no stranger to playing strong women. She was also California Mountain Snake in "Kill Bill."


Which replicant was the first that Deckard was able to track down and question?

Zhora Salome is the first Nexus 6 replicant from the rebel group that Blade Runner Deckard retires from service. Unlike Pris, she is a military model.


Who is the only male replicant that we see with Roy Batty?

Leon Kowalski is the first replicant we see in action, as he kills a Blade Runner while he is being tested. He nearly kills Deckard, but he is shot by Rachael.


What excuse does Deckard use to gain access to Zhora and the dressing room?

Deckard tries to fool Zhora by saying he is from the Committee on Moral Abuses, but it does not work. She then attacks him and runs.


What is J.F. Sebastian's health issue?

Sebastian says he has a problem with his glands, as they make him age faster. This is why he cannot pass the physical exams to go to space.


What is the unexpected thing Roy Batty does in his fight with Deckard?

Roy Batty decides to save Deckard from falling off the building. The action makes Blade Runner Deckard wonder just how human replicants can become.


Roy Batty's rebel group is composed of Nexus 6 replicants, except for Pris who is which specific type?

Pris is a basic pleasure model, literally built for sex. This would explain her overtly sexual characteristics and habits.


What is the other bad nickname for replicants?

Captain Harry Bryant uses the term skin job to talk about replicants. It is a reflection of how the general population feel uneasy about artificial humans.


Because of rebellious replicants like Roy Batty, what specific law was created?

Replicants are not allowed to even set foot on Earth, because of the danger they pose to normal humans. Blade Runners hunt rebel replicants on Earth.


What is the motto of the Tyrell Coroporation, according to Eldon Tyrell?

Eldon Tyrell says that their corporate motto is "More Human Than Human." He mentions this while telling Deckard that their experiment for better control of replicants involves giving them fake memories.


What is one way that replicants reinforce fake memories or hold on to their developing emotions?

Rachael and Leon Kowalski both have photographs, which help in making them more human. For Rachael, the photos make her believe her fake memories, and for Leon, they remind him of people he cares about.


The cityscape of the future Los Angeles prominently features what, which become a signature of the "Blade Runner" movie itself?

One of the striking visual themes in the movie is the use of video -- or even holographic -- billboards. They help create the cluttered, chaotic feeling of the timeline for the "Blade Runner" movie.


What cultures are seen to be most prominent in the street scenes?

The street scenes from "Blade Runner" show a Los Angeles where Chinese and Japanese influences are very strong. China seems to be more influential in the modern-day setting.


What modern genre is "Blade Runner" a pioneer of?

Cyberpunk as a movie type is usually a sci-fi story where mega-corporations and people are fighting each other. "Blade Runner" is seen as a cyberpunk grand-daddy, and recent movies like "Elysium" have cyberpunk influences.


Before "Blade Runner" became a movie, the story first appeared in what form?

"Blade Runner" is based on a 1968 book, written by Philip K. Dick. This American writer has penned many sci-fi stories that became films.


The original story for "Blade Runner" had what quirky title?

"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is Philip K. Dick’s futuristic novel from where the Blade Runner story came from. In the novel, Rick Deckard signs on for the mission to hunt the Nexus 6 rebel group to buy real sheep for himself and his depressed wife.


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