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By: J.P. Naomi
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Throw the rose petals, here comes Prince Akeem! How well do you remember Coming to America? Will you be soaking in the tub or sweeping the floor at McDonald's? It's time to find out with this ultimate quiz!

In which year was Coming to America released?

What is the name of the Prince in Coming to America?

Which country does Prince Akeem come from?

Which famous actor plays the role of Prince Akeem?

Who is Prince Akeem's father?

How old does Prince Akeem turn on his birthday in Coming to America?

What is supposed to happen on Prince Akeem's 21st birthday?

When presented with his arranged bride-to-be, what does Prince Akeem NOT ask her to do?

Which actor plays the role of King Jaffe?

Where does Prince Akeem want to go to find a loving wife?

Who is Prince Akeem's loyal servant?

Which famous actor plays the role of Semmi?

Which US city do Prince Akeem and Semmi travel to?

Where do Prince Akeem and Semmi live while in NYC?

What is the name of the girl that Prince Akeem finds in NYC and falls in love with?

Lisa's father is Cleo ________, who own's a restaurant.

What occupation do Akeem and Semmi pretend to be?

Where do Akeem and Semmi get jobs?

Cleo McDowell has two daughters: Lisa and ______.

What is the name of Lisa's boyfriend?

Why does Lisa break up with Darryl?

Which famous actor plays the role of Cleo McDowell?

Where does King Jaffe send Semmi for punishment in not looking after Prince Akeem properly in NYC?

What does Akeem falsley tell Lisa that he does back in Zamunda?

What does Akeem do with his travel money, much to the dismay of Semmi?

What are the names of the two homeless men that Akeem gives his money to?

What does Akeem do when Lisa refuses to marry him for having lied to her?

What is the name of King Jaffe's wife?

When Cleo finds out that Akeem is a prince, what does he say to Lisa?

What is the name of the woman who is arranged to be married to Prince Akeem?

When King Jaffe goes to Akeem's apartment, who does he find?

How does Akeem know that his father the King is in town?

What does Semmi put in the apartment to make it more like home?

Who changes the rules of Zamunda so that Akeem can marry Lisa?

When does Akeem realize that Lisa has decided to marry him?

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