In Relationships, What's Your Type?

By: Zoe Samuel
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While some of us are more consistent than others, we all have certain recurring types in our love lives. Which particular types show up repeatedly in yours?

Who asked who out?

Who is the more dominant?

Who does more household chores?

Who does more of the emotional labor?

Who is the lazier partner?

Do they get along with their family?

Do they get on with your family?

Do you spend more time with your family or theirs?

Who pays the bills?

Are they ever slow to reply to messages?

Who knows how much is in your bank account right now?

Who handles paying the taxes?

Are they ever just a little selfish?

Do you ever feel invisible?

Do you feel like they might feel invisible?

How physically affectionate are you with each other outside the bedroom?

How many nicknames do you have for each other?

How many private jokes do you have?

Who generally initiates your private time together?

If one of you is in the mood and the other is not, is that a problem?

Do you ever imagine your single life?

Do you ever fear that you're holding them back?

Do you find them intimidating?

Do you respect their intellect?

Do you trust their loyalty?

Do you trust that they will never intentionally hurt you?

If you weren't lovers, would you be friends?

How funny do you find them?

How funny do they find you?

When you dine out, how accurate are you in guessing what they're about to order?

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