React to These Situations and We'll Reveal What % Introvert You Are

By Teresa M. on March 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Would you have an issue with having to give a speech at a wedding, or would you be jumping at the chance to put in your two cents? Many of the things we prefer to do, or not to do, will clue us in on your level on the introvert scale. Are you more or less introverted than you think you are? 

Throughout this quiz, we will present you with some everyday situations and with some out of the ordinary circumstances. The way you choose to react to each scenario will show us how much of your time you spend talking only to those who you know best. 

You might be a chatty Cathy to your closest circle of friends, but you might clam up and stick to the corners at parties. Either way, we want to help you discover your level of introversion so that you can be informed about the way you approach the world. 

You don't have to talk all the time to be an extrovert, and you don't always have to stay at home to be an introvert. Share your responses with us, and we'll be able to help you figure out what percentage introvert you really are! Let's find out! 

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