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Are you a huge fan of the musical legend, Prince? Challenge yourself on the facts with this tricky trivia quiz!

Where was Prince born?

He developed an interest in music at a young age and wrote his first song at age seven!


Which was a sub-genre of Prince's music?

His music combined many genres! Including rock, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop, disco, psychedelia, jazz, and pop!


In 1979, his album Prince, did what?

Due to the success of the singles “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad” and “I Wanna Be Your Lover!”


What did he call his backup band?

He started referring to them as such in 1984!


What was the name his debut film?

Mimicking the name of his song that served as the soundtrack!


How long was Purple Rain originally?

A verse and chorus ended up being cut, apparently because the theme of money was deemed inappropriate.


Which is one of Prince's nicknames?

Prince had no shortage of nicknames and aliases. Across his career, he's been known as The Kid, The Purple Purv, The Minneapolis Midget, Alexander Nevermind, and Christopher Tracey!


What is his middle name?

Prince Rogers Nelson was also known as “Skipper” when he was a kid!


When was he inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

2004 was the first year he was eligible to be inducted!


What was he ranked by Rolling Stone in the list of Greatest Artists of All Time?

Prince has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling artists of all time!


When did Prince first get married?

Minneapolis was where he first was married, and white doves were released after the ceremony!


What was the date of his death? In 2016,

Prince passed away in Chanhassen, Minnesota! He was ill for weeks before the passing!


What was the name of Prince's first wife?

Mayte Garcia and Prince were married for several years! When they divorced, Mayte started dating Tommy Lee!


Prince wrote more songs than who?

With a back catalogue that expands to over 600 tracks!


Where did he pass away?

He died at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Minnesota!


What was the cause of his death?

Prince had been suffering from flu like symptoms for several weeks before his death!


When was prince born?

June 7th, 1958 he was born. Prince is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Minneapolis Sound in the 1980s!


How tall was he?

Standing at the height of only 5' 2” Prince often wore heels to combat his small size!


What sport did he play in high school?

Despite his small stature, he was a very talented basketball player!


In the early 1990's who did he sign a record deal with?

It was an unfair deal. Prince attempted to get out of his contract by changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol!


Where did Prince cancel his tour for romantic reasons?

He canceled a Japanese tour to record an album in hopes of impressing his crush, Batman actress, Kim Basinger!


Prince appeared on what show starring Zooey Deschanel?

It was actually his idea! He emailed her because he is a huge fan of the show!


Prince was an inspiration for the making of the album, 'All Eyes On Me' by what artist?

The rapper sampled his music on the album!


What was the name of Prince's female alter ego?

Camille was first heard on his 1987 track 'If I Was Your Girlfriend'!


What director did Prince perform for in 2013?

In 2013 Prince performed for the Star Wars director George Lucas at his wedding!


What was the name of Prince's son?

Once Married, his wife, Mayte became pregnant!


What happened to Prince's son?

One week after the birth, their son Boy, died due to Pfeiffer Syndrome (a rare defect of the skull)! They had a miscarriage following the event, causing them to separate!


In 2007, he won a Golden Globe for what song?

This song was featured in the movie, Happy Feet!


What religion was he?

This meant that he was not allowed to speak publicly about any good acts he performed!


Prince played guitar on what singers song “Like A Prayer?”

He recorded tons of material for her song but most of it was cut!


In 1987 what album did Prince scrap?

He scrapped the whole thing claiming it was too “dark” and “immortal!”


In 2007, Prince performed a cover of the Foo Fighter's 'Best Of You' during what event?

The drummer, Taylor Hawkins had no idea why. He was not sure if it was genuine or a dis to the band!


What is the name of Prince's sister?

Lorna Nelson tried to sue him claiming that he'd written the lyrics to the song 'U Got The Look!'


Where was prince when John Lennon was murdered?

He was a huge Beatles fan and was known to do many covers of their songs!


What was name of the soundtrack featuring the song “Partyman?”

The song he composed for "Batman" soundtrack, "Partyman", was nominated for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, at the Grammy Awards held 1990. He dated Kim Bassinger of the movie Batman!


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