Pretend You're in the Star Wars Universe and We'll Guess If You'll Join the Light or Dark Side

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One of the best parts about watching a movie is the escapism, transporting yourself to that world in your mind and imagining yourself as a part of it. You can do it with a really good book, but a movie is able to fill in all those details your imagination might have overlooked and make it come to life in a really meaningful and exciting way. It's easy to do with just any old movie, but the Star Wars universe has gone far above and beyond now with movies that have existed since the 1970s. There are so many characters and worlds that have been committed to film, so much myth and story surrounding it all, that you can feel just where you'd want to go if you could be a part of it all.

Since the Star Wars universe is so huge at this point and since you know it so very well, it should be no problem imagining yourself as a part of it. Pretend that this is your home away from home, in a galaxy far, far away, and we'll tell you if you belong on the Light Side or maybe with the villains on the Dark Side. Take the quiz and see!

You can't live in the Star Wars universe if you don't live anywhere. Pick a new home!

You need a friend who's always there to talk, even if all they do is beep. Pick a droid friend!

If you need to learn how to master the Force, who do you want to be your teacher?

The best band in the galaxy is the Max Rebo Band. Who was the best member?

Who do you feel is the most dangerous person in the galaxy who doesn't wield Force powers?

Not every droid has to be a protocol droid! What's the coolest kind of droid out there?

The Force is good for convincing people to do what you want but some beings are immune. Who's the best Force-resistant character?

Some planets in the Star Wars universe are less pleasant than others. Which one would you hate to go to?

The normal-sized beings in the Star Wars universe are a handful but the giant monsters are even worse. Which one would you avoid at all costs?

Who's the most heroic being in the galaxy?

It's just you and one Jedi against the forces of the Empire! Who do you want fighting by your side?

It's just you and one Sith Master against the forces of the Resistance! Who do you want fighting by your side?

Some species in the galaxy are harder to understand than others. What gibberish-spouting critter would you want to get to know the most?

You need to spend a lot of time in space when you're in the Star Wars universe. Pick your vessel.

It's time to go bounty hunting! We all know Boba Fett was the best, so pick the second best bounty hunter.

The Force can do a heck of a lot of things. Which Force ability is the best?

When it comes to land wars, Star Wars knows what's up. What's the coolest land vehicle?

So what color's your lightsaber?

It's a big universe out there. Who are you going out of your way to avoid?

Some folks in the Star Wars Universe aren't technically bad but maybe they aren't always good, either. Who seems the coolest?

If nothing else, Star Wars is memorable for the dozens of crazy creatures that have small parts. Which one did you like the most?

When a speeder isn't available, there are plenty of beasts of burden to ride in the Star Wars universe. Saddle up!

If you need to escape all the war in the stars where would you go to relax for a while?

With a whole galaxy of tiny animals to choose from, surely you could find a pet in the Star Wars universe. Pick one!

Which language do you think it would be most helpful to learn?

Who doles out the best advice in the Star Wars universe?

Who'd win in this four-way fight?

If you had to go to war, which of these armies would you want on your side?

Lots of characters are getting their own movies. Who do you think you could have an adventure with worthy of a solo movie?

Your name is probably great and all but it's not a Star Wars name. Pick a new one!

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