Pretend to Be a Contestant on "Dancing With the Stars" and We'll Tell You Which Hot Male Pro Will Be Your Partner!

By Kennita Leon on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

AND THE WINNER OF THE MIRROR BALL TROPHY IS... you'll have to take this quiz to find out! If you've ever watched Dancing With the Stars, you've probably imagined yourself dancing across the floor with one of the dancers. But which one?! With this quiz, all you have to do is pretend to be a contestant on the show, and we'll partner you up with a hot male pro!

Dancing With the Stars is a popular dance competition that first premiered in 2005. The basis of the show is to partner a group of celebrities with a group of professional dancers. They would be critiqued by the judges, obviously, and then the viewers, you, would vote! The show has had over 25 seasons, and within those 420+ episodes, we've been introduced to a host of hot male partners. Which one are you destined to dance with? First, let's pretend you're a contestant!

Would you prefer a ballad or a fast beat as the soundtrack to your performance? Are you and your partner traveling down to Cuba to dance the Salsa or the Cha Cha? You might prefer to learn something from a bit further down in Latin America, like the sexy Argentine Tango. Or do you prefer something a bit more European like the classic Viennese Waltz?

Tell us what you'd do on Dancing with the Stars, and we'll tell you which hottie you're partnering up with! Will it be Mark Ballas or Derek Hough? Are you destined for the Chmerkovskiy brothers, Maks or Val? Let's find out!

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