Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Tell You Which Hair Color You Should Try

By Teresa M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

If you didn't know, "Would You Rather" is a fun game filled with questions that allow us all to learn a lot about ourselves, The questions are designed to make us think about what our values are, and what is important to us. So obviously this game should be used to make sure that we figure out the things that matter to us most. One such example is what kind of hair color we should have! It is a pretty big decision to make, after all! 

There are just so many choices. Maybe you have been thinking of going more brunette or even going black, with some blue highlights. Or is it that you have been blonde for a while now, so long in fact, that people think you might actually be blonde in real life? What about being a fierce and fiery redhead? Or if you're not a fan of the whole "I Love Lucy" kind of thing, maybe something a bit more subtle because you aren't into really bold colors. The thing is, when it comes to hairstyles there are all sorts of choices that you can try, but what would be the best? Take this quiz filled with awesome "Would You Rather" questions, and find out. 

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