Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Tell You Which Disney Prince Is Waiting For You at the Altar

By Khadija Leon on March 26, 2018

About This Quiz

Those of us who want to get married have been looking forward to that day for many years. The thought of marrying your one true love in the presence of the people who care about you most would be anyone's dream come true.

Many of us also dream about finding the one who will be our perfect puzzle piece, and while some of us have already met this mystery man, many of us don't know who it is. Will he possess all the traits and share all the values that you are looking for, or will he be someone who you didn't want but turned out to be what you need?

Which of the Disney princes will be waiting for you down the aisle? Well, if you take the time to tell us exactly how you want your big day to go, everything from the type of dress or tux that you will be wearing, to the theme of the wedding to the flavor of cake that you will be eating, we will tell you which of the handsome Disney princes you will be saying your "I do" to. Take to see who you will end up with.

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