Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Reveal Your Soulmate's Astrological Sign

By: Teresa M.
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"Hey baby, I think I want to marry you!" While we're sure that some people want to stay single forever, that's not you! Whether it was from the time you were small or whether it was a few months ago, you've decided that you want to walk down the aisle one day. Have you dreamed of getting married outside? In a church? On a beach? We want you to tell us all the fairy tales for your dream wedding, and we'll reveal your soulmate's astrological sign!

When it comes to getting married, your wedding can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Many people opt for a quick wedding and dress up and get married at a courthouse. Others take years to plan their wedding! Really dedicated people start planning their wedding in their childhood! If you had to plan your perfect wedding, what would it be?

Would you wear the classic white or go for ivory, pink, or another color? Does your dream wedding include huge wedding parties, a multiple-tiered cake, and fireworks? Tell us all about it so we can start analyzing which sign you should be with. 

Your soulmate might be a Pisces. They are known for being flexible and sensitive! Are you suited for a Leo? They might be a little stubborn, but they're very driven! Or is your soulmate practical and resourceful like a Virgo? There's only one way to find out! Plan your dream wedding, and we'll reveal your soulmates astrological sign!

Who will be your ring bearer?

Which wedding location is more your style?

How many bridesmaids will you have?

Who will help you plan your special day?

What percentage Bridezilla do you think you'll be?

Where would you prefer to hold your reception?

What kind of song will you play for your couple's dance?

What kind of flowers will you have in your bouquet?

Which best describes the wedding gown you would choose?

How many guests will you invite?

What time of day will you hold your wedding?

Will you write your own vows?

What reception theme are you most likely to choose?

What kind of shoes will you wear with your wedding dress?

What entree are you more likely to choose for you guest?

Who will you have conduct the ceremony?

Will your wedding colors be bold or subtle?

Where would you most like to go on a honeymoon?

How does the thought of the wedding toast make you feel?

Would you have an engagement party?

What kind of car will deliver you to the ceremony?

What kind of music will you have at your wedding reception?

Will your wedding band have any gemstones?

What gift might you give your bridesmaids?

How would you describe your dream wedding cake?

Will you have a unity ceremony?

What kind of drinks will you serve your wedding guests?

Where will you get your wedding invitations?

Do you think you will cry at your wedding?

Who will take your wedding photos?

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