Plan a Party While Your Parents Are Out of Town and We'll Guess How Long You've Known Your BFF!

By: Zoe Samuel
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The proverbial cats are away, and it's time for the mice to play. Whether you still live at home or not, it's too good a chance to pass up - and how you exploit the chance tells us a lot about your most essential non-romantic relationship!

What part of the house will the party be in?

What entertainment will there be?

How many people are coming over?

What will you drink?

Who will play the music?

What music will they play?

What time is the party?

What time will it end?

Will it be mostly couples or singles?

Will the neighbors know about it?

Who will be in charge of the guest list?

How memorable will the occasion be?

How will your parents find out about it?

Will there be a seated dinner?

Will you curate introductions?

Will any money be won or lost?

Will there be any smoking?

Will everyone know each other?

How will you invite people?

What's the dress code?

Will the pool be used?

How mad will your parents be if they find out?

Will you impose a social media blackout?

Will any guests stay over?

What, if anything, will you break?

What kind of cups will the drinks be in?

What plates will the food be on?

What will the table be like?

What are the odds that the police will be called?

What thing will you do that you regret?

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