Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess If You Prefer McDonald's or Burger King

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It is no secret that McDonald's and Burger King have the biggest, longest-lasting rivalry in fast food history. But did you know, the founder of Burger King actually got his idea for the franchise from McDonald's. Here's the story:

Back in 1940, Dick and Mac McDonald started in the food industry by selling barbecue and hot dogs. The famous Happy Meal didn't come into the picture until much later. They realized their best sellers were those quick grab and go items like burgers and fries, so they ditched their original plan to focus on speedy service. After becoming wildly popular in San Bernardino, California, a man named Ray Kroc came into the picture. He's the one who truly got McDonald's going. 

While McDonald's has always been one of the most successful fast food franchises, Burger King has struggled a bit more than its burger rival. Starting up nearly a decade after McDonald's, Burger King was originally named Insta Burger King. It was similar in theory to McDonald's, but lacked originality and ended up going through a long series of mergers and acquisitions, being bought out by any company willing to risk their money and invest in the franchise. 

Now, both McDonald's and Burger King continue to be two of the most popular and successful fast food joints, but we want to know what you have to say. Take this quiz and we'll guess which one you prefer!

Where does a root beer float deserve to go?

Heaven or Hell for french fries?

What about cinnamon rolls?

Where would you send a BLT sandwich?

Where does a breaded chicken sandwich deserve to go?

What about pickles?

Heaven or Hell for tacos?

Where would you send chicken nuggets?

How do you feel about soft pretzels? Heaven or Hell?

Where should biscuits and gravy go?

Where should hash browns spend all of eternity?

What about chicken quesadillas?

Heaven or Hell for oatmeal raisin cookies?

Where would you send a ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich?

Do you think fish and chips deserve Heaven or Hell?

How about mashed potatoes and gravy?

Heaven or Hell for hot dogs?

Tell us how you really feel. Heaven or Hell for the cheese danish?

And the chicken gyro?

Where should a cheeseburger spend all of eternity?

Heaven or Hell for a blueberry muffin?

Where do you want to send mozzarella sticks?

Where should stuffing spend all of eternity?

What about green beans?

Do you want to send glazed donuts?

What's the fate of Italian sausage?

Heaven or Hell for spaghetti?

What about nachos and cheese?

Where should the Caesar salad spend all of eternity?

Where would you cast apple splices? Heaven or Hell?

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