Pick Your Favorite Candies and We'll Guess How Old You Are!

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About This Quiz

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Ever sat on the couch watching a movie and plowed through an entire one pound bag of Hershey's Kisses without even realizing it until your hand hit that sad, empty void at the bottom of the bag? Wish you could take a bath in a tub filled with Pop Rocks? Whoa, now that would actually be insane! 

The point is, if you've ever experienced a sugar rush from candy, this quiz is for you! We've taken all our candy knowledge, formed from many years of personal taste testing, and put it together to create a quiz so candy filled, it's probably going to make your mouth water and leave you grasping for the nearest bag of Dum Dums. 

Whether you like it chewy, salty, sour or fruity, your candy preferences say a lot about what type of personality you have, and where you are in your candy journey. But is it possible to guess your age, or at least get really close to it, based on your sweet tooth alone? Challenge accepted. 

Grab your favorite sugary snack and cold beverage, and join us on this candy-filled adventure! Don't think too hard about your answers, though – just go with the option that most closely speaks to your sugary desires!

You can fill a fancy candy bowl with only one type of M&M's candy. Which do you choose?

It's hot outside and you're craving an ice cream sundae. Which candy do you top your sundae with?

You're in a heated debate with friends about which kind of chocolate is the best. Which chocolate are you backing?

Pucker up and pick your favorite sour candy!

What color is your Ring Pop?

You enter an amazing candy store filled with all the sweet treats you could ever imagine! Where do you run to first?

You're about to eat a dirt cup, but something's missing on top! What is it?

You're doing it wrong! What is the right way to eat Fun Dip?

Which of these is the best fruit-shaped candy?

They get stuck in your teeth, but you don't care. Which gummy candy is worth the sticky smile?

Pretend you're a kid again. It's Halloween night and you just got home, and now it's time to sort through your loot! Which candies do you hide immediately so you don't have to share them?

There's a bag of Hershey's Assorted Miniatures on the counter. Which flavor do you grab?

You can only eat one type of candy for the rest of your life – what will it be?

You have a fun size pack of colorful candies in front of you. How do you eat them?

You are craving chocolate, and there are four options in the vending machine at work. Which do you choose?

Which jelly bean flavor could you eat a pound of in one sitting?

You're on a roll now! Which of these is the best candy that comes in a roll?

You're building a gingerbread house for a competition, and only one type of candy can be used to decorate it. Which candy will you use?

There are four different Dum Dums in front of you. Which flavor do you choose?

It's important to eat several servings of fruit throughout the day. Let's pretend fruity candies count! Which one of these would you eat all day?

You arrive late to the movie theater, and there's a limited selection of candy left. Which box of candy do you choose?

The Easter Bunny came and left you a basket of candy! Which candy do you eat first?

Which of these candies would you share with a friend?

Pick a candy you'd chew on all day, even if it pulled out a filling or two!

You're doing a taste test blindfolded. Which Twizzlers flavor would you select as the best one?

This could be a really sticky situation! What is the best kind of lollipop?

Sometimes two is better than one! Which Nerds flavor combo speaks to your sweet tooth?

If you were dared to eat a mystery candy while blindfolded, which one of these would you hope for least?

You're waiting in a long line and need a candy that's going to last a little longer to help pass the time. Which hard candy is in your bag or pocket?

Your sweet tooth is so strong that you want something that's almost 100% sugar. Which flavored sugar-powder do you choose?

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