Pick The Foods You Crave When You’re Drunk And We’ll Reveal Your Heart's True Desire!

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We've all been there, or at least most of us have, and if you haven't then we salute you. The night is nearing its end and you are hungry, but not just the normal kind of hungry. You are the type of hungry that only comes after an epic night that turned into a totally drunken rager. Of course, when tomorrow comes you are going to feel horrible, and regret all of this, and swear you are never going to do it again. But right now, you are still in the midst of it, and having a good time, or at least you think that you are.

But now, you need some food. What is it going to be? A little late night pizza from one of your favorite joints? Maybe a cheeseburger or two? Or maybe five? What about some Taco Bell- it tasted good last time you got drunk right? Somehow you can't quite remember. No matter what you decide to eat, it will serve two purposes. It will put some luggage in your gut and help you feel a little better, and if you take this quiz, it will also let us know your true heart's desire. Trust us.

What Taco Bell secret menu item would you order when you are drunk?

What drink would you order at a late night diner?

What time of day do you usually start drinking?

Which Waffle House item would you order to sober up?

What would you never dip your fries in?

What kind of Lunchable would you eat after a night of drinking?

What would you put on pancakes when you are drunk?

What cereal would you reach for first during a drunken food binge?

What would you drunkenly add to scrambled eggs?

What would eat to sober up?

Which food might make you queasy when you are drinking?

What kind of restaurant do you usually find yourself frequent after a night out?

What would you order for last call?

When you are drunk, how do you order your steak?

How often do you go out drinking?

Which dessert would you choose from a late night menu?

What would you drunkenly dip in fondue?

How hot do you like your salsa when you are drinking?

Which kind of food would you order while drinking?

Which fast food drive-thru would you have your designated driver go through?

What kind of seafood would you drunkenly devour?

What kind of snack food would you eat after you get home from drinking?

Which food would you never eat drunk or sober?

Have you ever regretted your drunken food choices?

What drink would you have as a hair of the dog?

Who would you eat with after a night on the town?

What pub food would you order?

Would ever reach for a piece of fruit after you've been drinking?

What kind of candy would you eat after a night at the bar?

Which McDonald's item could you eat more than one of when you've been drinking?

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