Penny Pincher or Splurge Queen: What's Your Shopping Style?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When you need retail therapy, do you buy yourself something small or do you go for the gold? Let's find if your shopping style makes you a bargain hunter or something else!

Which website are you most likely to order clothing from?

How often do you clip coupons?

What brand of sneakers do you like most?

Do you believe in first impressions?

Which hygienic item do you spend the most on?

How would your friends describe your shopping habits?

Where are you more likely to shop for furniture?

Do you buy things in bulk?

What would you do with an extra room in your home?

Do you check over weekly sales ads?

How do you save money?

What gift would you take to a child's birthday party?

How often do you upgrade your phone?

How often do you shop at the mall?

What kind of gift giver would your best friend say you are?

Which fashion designer do you like most?

When you go to a big box store, what department do you spend the most time in?

Do you belong to a wholesale club?

Where are you most likely to shop for new underwear?

Which room in your home would you like to update?

Where would you buy new art for your home?

Which word best describes your dream car?

How much money do you spend on shoes every year?

If you see something on sale, do you buy extra?

Do you consider the last thing you purchased expensive?

What gift would you take to welcome new neighbors?

Do you like to compare prices?

What is your biggest monthly expense?

What luxury feature would you add to your bathroom?

Do you think you are a shopping addict?

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