Pack a '90s Lunch and We'll Guess If You Are More T-Boz, Chilli or Left Eye!

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DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS! Especially when you have this quiz to take! When it comes to girl groups, TLC is one of the most iconic from the '90s. Pair these ladies with your favorite '90s lunch, and we'll tell you if you're more T-Boz, Chilli, or Left Eye!

TLC is an all-female R&B group that debuted in 1990. The group had three members, T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli, who made up the letters of their group name, TLC. They would go on to become one of the best-selling female groups of all time. Their popular hits include "Waterfalls," "No Scrubs," and "Creep." Make sure you don't creep on past this quiz! Tell us your favorite '90s lunches!

While the '90s was an iconic time in music, film, and fashion, if you grew up in the '90s, you'd also know that the decade was iconic for its lunches! Which were you eating?

Were you a fan of Lunchables? How could you beat the creation of the ham and cheese sandwich or the small pizza? When you were allowed treats, you might've gone for Rice Krispies or maybe Dunkaroos! Who could forget about the classic candies of Fruit Roll-Up, Fruit by the Foot, or Gushers? Which of these candies were found in your lunchbox?

With all the delicious '90s options, pack a lunch and we'll tell you which TLC member you're most like! 

Let's go!

What flavor Bugles will we find in your '90s lunch?

Which Boyz II Men member would you ask to sit at your table?

Which Minute Maid Juice Bar did you like best?

Would you have had string cheese in your '90s lunch?

Would you have added leftover pizza to your lunch?

What kind of sandwich would be in your lunch?

What flavor Juicy Juice would you have packed in your lunch?

Would you share you lunch with anyone?

Did you like Soda-licious snacks?

What kind of Lunchables would you have chosen?

Which ingredient on your Bagel Bites did you like most?

Which member of TLC did you dress most like in the '90s?

What breakfast food item might have been in your lunchbox?

Which fruit snack did you prefer?

Which '90s breakfast cereal did you like most?

What is your favorite TLC song?

Did you put a FlaVor-Ice in your lunchbox?

Did you like Sprinkl'ins or Trix Yogurt more?

Which SqueezIt flavor did you like most?

Which part of a Lunchables meal did you like most?

Who did you usually sit with at lunch?

What high school stereotype were you in the '90s?

Did you like Dunkaroos or Handi-Snacks more?

Which Jell-O Pudding Bite did you like most?

How did you feel about E-Z Squirt?

Did you pack Fudge Striped in your lunchbox?

Who made your lunch for you in the '90s?

Which '90s drink did you like most?

Which candy bar would have made it into your '90s lunch?

What did you like most about Left Eye?

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