Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess What State You're From

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If you've ever felt really overwhelmed by the Olive Garden menu and wanted to order everything, now is your chance. It doesn't matter how hungry you are or how much space you have in your stomach. Pile on the pasta, grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese, then feast away. Ever since Olive Garden's creation in 1982, it has taken the world by storm. There are now almost 900 locations around the world, all serving up the casual Italian eats. Don't miss out on their house salad, either, because the dressing and little peppers are a spectacle in their own right.

But really, how is a person supposed to choose just one meal? That's a good question. Sometimes it helps to go in already knowing what you want. That way you won't have to pore over the menu and be tempted with carby distractions. 

Where you live and your taste in food also help narrow down your order. You can't deny that there are regional differences when it comes to flavors, so if there's a particular dish that reminds you of home or a place you really love, you're probably going to order that, right? Well, if you want us to guess where that place is, order a bunch of food from Olive Garden and we will try!

If you're in the mood for chicken, which of these dishes sounds the best to you?

Which appetizer do you want the most?

Do you want breadsticks?

Are you ordering dipping sauces for your breadsticks?

Can you pick one beverage to start with?

What pasta are you putting in your Create Your Own Pasta Bowl?

Which delicious sauce is going on your pasta bowl?

Are you putting anything extra on your pasta bowl?

Off the Classic Favorites menu, which item do you crave?

Maybe some beef sounds better! Can you pick the best beef dish?

Seafood is a great lighter option! Which fish dish tickles your fancy?

Is there anything on the kid's menu you wish you could order for yourself?

If you are actually bringing your kid with you, what are you ordering for them?

If you went for lunch and were creating your own lunch duo, would you choose unlimited soup or unlimited salad?

Which Pizza Bowl would you add to your lunch duo?

There are many options for the lunch duo! Would you want one of the breadstick sandwiches instead of a pasta bowl?

You can get one of the classic entrees with the lunch duo! Which one would you rather have leftovers of?

Did you know Olive Garden has a whole Tastes of the Mediterranean menu? What item could you see yourself ordering?

All this pasta is making you thirsty! What drink are you ordering up next?

It's almost time for dessert, but can you pick a Giant Italian Classic to chow down on first?

Just because you have a gluten sensitivity doesn't mean you can't enjoy Olive Garden. Which dish will keep you feeling good?

You don't need dessert after lunch, but it definitely can set the tone for the rest of your day. Which one are you choosing?

Which pasta sauce is your absolute favorite?

Can you pick an appetizer for the table?

If you were having Olive Garden cater your party, what appetizer tray would be front and center?

What catering entree would please your guests the most?

Would you serve Olive Garden soup at your dinner party?

You can get Olive Garden Italian classics for your get-together at home! Which one do you want?

You can get add-ons to your catering menu! Which one can you not live without?

The end to all great meals is the final dessert. Which one will make you ready for a nap?

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