Only Someone with Grammar OCD Can Ace This Linguistics Spelling Quiz!

By Torrance Grey on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Spelling: It famously does *not* correlate with IQ, but that doesn't keep us from caring about getting it right! With good reason, too: Nothing can tank a resume or important email like a spelling blunder. Putting your faith in spellcheck? Bad idea. Spellcheck can't catch everything.  It can't know, for example, whether your 40th anniversary is "imminent" or "eminent."

Whether you're feeling secure about your spelling skills, or a bit shaky, we've created a 35-question quiz to help you see where you stand. Here's how it works: To keep things interesting, we've mixed up the types of questions. Sometimes you'll be given three spellings of the same word, and asked to pick the one that's right (or "none of these are correct.") Other times, you'll be presented with different words, only one of which is misspelled, or spelled correctly. And sometimes the right answer will be "All of these are spelled correctly" or "None of these are spelled correctly." 

Sound like fun? Or at least, like a challenge? Sharpen your wits (you won't need a pencil) and test your skills now. We promise that no matter how you score, you won't have to stay after school and clap erasers. (Is that still a thing?)

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