Only Someone With an IQ of 130+ Can Pass This SAT Vocabulary Quiz! Can You?

By Olivia Cantor on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

ARE YOU EXEMPLARY? If you have an IQ of 130+ you certainly are! When it comes to the SAT, we'd all be more at ease if the vocabulary section chose everyday words. Only someone with an IQ of 130+ can pass this SAT vocab quiz. Is that you?

Known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the SAT has been around since 1926. Since then, colleges and universities have been looking at critical reading, writing, and math results to decide whether they want to accept particular students. One of the major sections of the critical reading section is the vocabulary. Thousands of students sign up for SAT vocabulary "words of the day" to master this section. Could you?

With a word like infamous, can you tell if the connotation is good or bad? It might help to have a sentence like "The criminal is infamous for his long list of bank heists." While this word might seem easy, most of them surely aren't! 

Do you know what it means to "abdicate" the throne? If someone tells you they have a "conundrum," what exactly is it? If you were told a storyline was "hackneyed," would you look around in confusion? Not if your IQ is over 130!

Only someone with an IQ of 130+ can pass this SAT vocabulary quiz. We want to know if you're one of them! From intrepid to pretentious, could you pass this quiz? There's only one way to find out.

Let's commence!

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