Only A True Genius Can Get 30/35 On This Knowledge Test! Can You?

By Annette on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Throughout life, you never stop learning. You learn a lot in school, but you'll need more than just that. If you're passionate about a large variety subjects, you've likely picked up more knowledge than even you realize. However, in order to retain a really broad knowledge base, you need to be pretty darn smart - and if yours is so vast as to dazzle your entire social circle, that would indicate that you are indeed a bona fide brainbox.

Sure, you can name the planets and you know who invented the telephone, but can you name the loudest animal on the planet? Do you know what a bathyscaphe is? Maybe you can identify the number of cells in a human (to the nearest trillion, anyway)? Do you know what a Eustachian tube is? Can you identify the presidents of the United States? Do you know the definitions of many words? This quiz will put your knowledge of all subjects to the test, but it shouldn't be any trouble for a genius!

Do you consider yourself to be a genius? If you can answer the questions on this quiz, you probably are! So if you think you have what it takes, test yourself by taking this quiz!

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