Only A True Genius Can Get 30/35 On This Knowledge Test! Can You?

By Annette on March 15, 2018

About This Quiz

The font of knowledge is precious, plentiful and deep when it comes to the world around us. From knowledge about geography, medicine, literature and the cosmos, there is so much to drink in and learn. This quiz will test your intelligence about the world around you. Some of the correct answers may come from your street smarts, while others may come from your scholastic pursuits, or what you simply picked up in your childhood. For instance, you might be aware that Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," was also the original illustrator, if this book was part of your childhood reading. However, only if you are up on literature will you know Carroll was a mathematician at the time of writing this classic. 

You may be able to get 30 out of 35 on this quiz with your knowledge of unique trivia. For example, some people can recall there are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar, and then be able to rattle them all off. Or know the names of all the presidents of the United States. It's time to see how you do in this test of your all-around astuteness. Take the quiz now, and you're sure to prove that you're the brainiac of the bunch. 

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