Only Someone With an IQ of 125+ Can Master This Homophone Quiz!

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

I'm with the band! Or are you with the banned? When it comes to the English language, there are tons of homophones ready to trip you up. Only someone with an IQ of 125+ can pass this quiz. Can you?

As if English class wasn't hard enough, the language comes with a series of homophones. If you've made it here and still don't know what a homophone is, it's when two or more words have different spellings but identical pronunciations. Can you think of a few?

Two of the most popular homophones are "your" and "their." Or is it "you're" and "they're?" These two often trip users up because of the very slight changes in spelling, but the words have completely different meanings. "Your" and "their" are meant to show possession while "you're" and "they're" are contractions for "you are" and "they are." The latter of these is more confusing because there is "there," which is used to show a location or position. If you can master these, you're well on your way to mastering this quiz, but what about the other homophones?

Do you know the difference between air and heir? With a slight change in vowels, can you also spot the change in meaning between stationary and stationery? Are you wondering if there are criminals out to steal steel?

Can you master this quiz? Only people with an IQ of 125+ can, so you have a lot to prove! Let's see if you can ace this quiz.

The results will be sweet! Or is it suite?

Let's go!

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